Friday, July 31, 2009

You think you know someone?

This last week my niece Chloe left her IPod here and I asked her if I could listen to see if I wanted any of her songs. I cracked up! You think you know someone really well until you find out what they listen to? I never miss a chance to tease my Chloe so I thought I would share some of the "surprises" on her song list.

Dolly Parton~ Better get to livin?

The Bangles~ Walk like an Egyptian? I think I listened to that one in the 80's

Joni Mitchell~ Her voice makes me want to just jump already (deeepressing)

Me and Mrs Jones~ Ok Chlo I'll give you that one only because its the remake by Michael Buble. But that song was on the album that my mom bought at Goodyear Tires.

There is also way too much Barry Manilow. I know you are a huge "Fanalow" but Chloe dear...Barry?

I love that there is a lot of Disney. Nothing like a little "Hakuna Matata" first thing in the morning or "Under the Sea" from Little Mermaid.

There is also a HUGE collection of David Archeuletta. (for the general public who do not know who that is, Chloe is a big American Idol fan) so of course she has some Ruben Studdard and Jordin Sparks thrown in

This was fun, I loved listening to your tunes Chloe and was happy to be reminded how much I loved the Partridge Family!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hooray for Hollywood

Since I occasionally post photos called "Memory Lane" I thought it would be fun to post some old Hollywood photos of my family. I have been blessed with a family rich in history in areas of film. And I find it much more interesting than any of the parties involved.They are all very nonchalant about it. But I want my kids to always remember how terrific their aunts and uncles were in their field of work as well as being such good people. So here are the first two....

Uncle Nick who was married to my Thia Mary ran the commissary at 20th Century Fox Studios.He was a sweet man who I used to love to talk to. Mary has so many great photos of him with famous people.I will never forget when he passed seeing so many well known movie stars at his funeral. He loved and adored Shirley Temple and took such good care of her while she was there taping. They became good friends and she was very fond of him all her life. Here are a few photos of them when she was little and then again when they were older.

And this is an absolute FAVORITE one of mine. Uncle Nick with Marilyn Monroe!

I still love to talk to Mary and hear stories of their life and friends.But she is just one part of the story.There is Uncle Angelo who has made incredible films and won Academy Awards,Uncle Pete who starred in Star Trek, Uncle Mike who ran the security department,and my own mom who typed scripts for years and met numerous stars.So I hope to share little snip-bits of this fun branch of our family tree!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What are moms for?

Here I sit in my comfy jammies, just out of the tub,sipping my iced tea and signing my boys up for Wipeout!

I love the show!
And every week I think "my kids could win this" So without asking (easier to get forgiveness than permission) I went online and filled out all the paperwork.And now I am really praying they get picked for the show! I first signed up Chad because he mentioned how much he loved the show and I think he would be perfect for it! But when I sent in the info I told the producers they should do a "siblings"show and completed another application for Travis. Travis once made it VERY far in the "Survivor" process. He went through numerous interviews and had the "secret packets" sent to him. After much time invested they told him to come back in a year or two because he was still a little too young.(he was only 18 at the time) Oh my goodness how fun it would be if they were picked. I know its a long shot but it doesn't hurt to try! And with the prize money being FIFTY THOUSAND dollars, I as their agent would probably at least get a good lunch out of the deal.
This is kinda fun...I think I will sign Steve up for Wife Swap ?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I love...

Spending five days with my husband, brother Dave, sis in law Sandy and my niece Chloe

Laughing at totally lame stuff

One piece of Red Velvet Cake and five forks

Having people who are so like you that you never feel a second of awkwardness

Telling Steve when he asked for chap stick that my lip gloss goes on clear. He believed me,applied generously, and we have never laughed so hard seeing him all lipped up with shiny pink gloss. Hysterical!

Looking over during 'Blue Man Group' to see Dave dancing under the strobe lights (solo while everyone else was seated)

Visiting Paris,Italy,and New York while never leaving the strip.

Staying in a five star hotel with super comfy beds

Grand Lux Cafe~ Grilled Salmon.

Remembering together all the funny sayings our parents had. Funniest one was my mom would call our sandals "go aheads" or "tongs"

Starting the day with Yogurt and fresh berries or bagels and lox from Wolfgang Pucks(delivered poolside of course)

Watching silly Dave toss throw coins in the fountain while making a wish.We giggled so loud the security guy came to check on us.

Laying out by the pool, having people pass by with fresh cut ice cold oranges and yummy sliced cucumbers.Sipping frozen lemonades and reading a good book.

Having Abby puppy sit and never worrying for a second about my home or baby. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts Abby!
Davey,I miss you guys already and cant wait until we have another trip on the calendar!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Shea and Sean~

Yesterday was the 18th birthday of my best friends twins. I still wonder how those 18 years flew by so darn fast.Shea invited all the girls to Palm Springs for a get away to help celebrate! I feel so blessed that she included auntie Karen in on the fun! Shea has always had such a soft spot in my heart. She has not been the easiest child for Sandy, but I would always remind them that she was going to be a GREAT kid. And she sure is!! (just like my Chad they have too big a personality to fit in little bodies) Shea loves her family and hanging with us when we are there.Steve just adores her too.To Sandy and Dennis I say "Great job" You are wonderful parents and those twins who were so much work are all grown up and they are amazing! I feel so blessed that I have been able to be part of their lives.Here are some fun pics from the birthday celebration. Sorry Sean you are not included in this post, but I am sure the poker party with all boys will be a blast (and it will be smelly,messy,rowdy,and filled with a menu of meat,meat and more meat) I love you both the most!

Sweet younger sis Cassie doing her hair

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I have much on my heart, and writing always seems to ease my mind....

Michael Jackson~ I wasn't going to weigh in on this because it seems the whole world is consumed with the man whose talent literally robbed him of a normal life. No amount of money can fix the problems of the heart. I loved his music and grew up listening to him, but was a little jaded about the whole funeral circus until his little girl spoke.
No matter who he was to us and to the world, he was her Daddy and the heartbreak in her voice about did me in. I am going to pray for those kids every day that they might have the kind of love he searched for his whole life. And I know it is the unconditional love of our Father in heaven.

Sweet Melanie who won my blog give away took a photo of her gifts and shared it on her blog.My moms favorite song from the Sound Of Music was "My favorite things" She would sing it to us endlessly and I loved it! So I sent Mel a few of my favorite things.Gift cards to Jamba Juice for their steel cut oatmeal, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for their apricot iced tea (amazing!)and Golden Spoon for their cake batter frozen yogurt.I also added one of Brody's favorite chew toys for her new puppy "Radar" and my favorite new laundry soap. It was so fun to send a serendipity and think I'll have another give away soon!

My camera broke and I could not even make it a week without it.So off I went to Costco yesterday for a brand new shiny one. I missed taking photos so much! We had a great 4th of July but was not able to take a single shot. Once some of my family and friends post photos on facebook I will steal em and share the fun. I so love the 4th of July!!

Brody LOVES me! He gets so darn excited when we get home he can hardly stand it! And I find myself hurrying home to see this little guy! He is getting so big and so darn smart! He knows, sit-stay-come-shake-leave it-and water. a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.

The countdown is on! Steve and I leave Sunday morning for a five day get away with my brother and Sandy!! I can hardly wait to see them and give them hugs! Or as Dave says "git over here and let me love on yur neck"

Whats on your heart? Share something in my comments, I would love to know.Have a sweet rest of the week and know that you are loved. REALLY LOVED ! By me and more importantly by the Lord who says His thoughts of you outnumber ALL the sands of the sea. If you feel lonely or sad, scoop up a handful of sand and start counting. He loves us more than we can ever imagine.

Friday, July 3, 2009

.99 Cent Stores

Who knew there is another culture of people who shop? Well there is and they shop at the .99 cent store! Today I parked at Petsmart to get my baby puppy some chewy bones. And there was so many people going in and out,the curiosity got the best of me.And I have to say if you are in the mood its kinda fun. I left spending $12.85 and had two big bags of fun stuff.
(One of the bags I had to pay 3 cents for because apparently its BOYB) Luckily my Petsmart bag had room so I was able to put some of my goodies in there. I bought Reynolds aluminum foil, Soilove (which is the BEST stain remover ever) 2-6 packs of orbit gum, a head of cabbage which looked so fresh and yummy, a strawberry car freshener, peach Secret deodorant which I realized will now give me "peach pits" and lots of other fun things.And everything is .99 cents! Random stuff for sure.I could have left it all there and not missed a thing but you get caught up in the excitement of it all! Which is why I had a 10 lb bag of russet potatoes in my cart.It was such a good deal but how can two people eat that many spuds? So I left them behind for my other bargain shopping friends.Will I go every week? probably not, but if I am in the area I think I'll stop by again. It's like a treasure hunt and who knows the goodies you'll find....