Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Six...

It has been a while since I did my Sunday Six.It used to be one of my favorite blogs to write as I sit and reflect on all the blessings of the week! Its a good practice for all of us to stop and remember how truly blessed we are!

1- My precious niece Chloe was in a bad car accident and we are soooo grateful that she is ok. She was t-boned by a car who cut her off and it could have been so much worse. She is sore and shook up but will be fine! Ken and Lindsay had a retreat this weekend so I went and spent the day with her yesterday. We laughed, watched tv, went out for yummy salads at our favorite " Cafe Rio"  It was so fun to hang out with my kindred spirit who just "gets" me.
I love you Chloe!!

2- Last Sunday was such a beautiful day so we packed up the pup and went to dog beach. We had so much fun watching him play. Ashlyn's sister saw on my facebook that we were there so she came over, and then both the boys came down and brought Bentley too. We had so much fun! Later we met up with Ash and all seven of us went out for dinner. Such a fun, serendipitous day  and we drove home smiling! {while Brody slept completely exhausted from all the fun}    

3- We are so proud of Ashlyn and her business Carter & Cook!  This week she gave notice at her job to focus full time on her wedding business. She needed to because she is one busy girl! They are so incredibly talented and have weddings booked all year! It was a dream of hers to do this and such a blessing to see her dream turn into a full time career!
She is at a big event today with some of the best of the industry, and feared she wasn't hip enough to pull it all off? I reminded her she was born hip, and we are cheering "hip hip hooray" for them all the way!! 

4-I am so thankful for my job! I love and appreciate that I can work just three days a week, and be home to run the " Carter Empire" I love being a homemaker and wife and love that my boss accommodates me so sweetly.  I work great hours and am quite happy to be there with so many fun people! It's a huge blessing

5- American Idol~ I  love this show!  I adore seeing the people who fight fear and try out and all the sweet stories behind the scenes. It gives me faith in humanity and I realize how similar we all really are. When they make it to Hollywood and come out to cheering families it brings tears to my eyes every single time! I have two early favorites, of course Chris Medina who sings to his fiance who was injured in a accident and also the White House intern who has a voice like butter! And I have to say I don't miss Simon at all. I think the new judges are doing great!

6- My sweet husband! I know I could count him almost every week. He is my BESTEST friend. He sends me sweet text messages telling me to have a good day, he takes care of every single thing, he loves his family with his whole heart and loves nothing more than being with us! He rubs lotion on my feet at night, works harder than any man I know, and is so easy to please. I got this email a couple weeks ago on the anniversary of when we met. How he still remembers amazes me,It made my whole day...
Exactly 29 years ago to the day Tuesday 12/28/81, we went to the movies and I met the love of my life, two great kids,& one dog later I can truly say I love you more today then ever!!
                  Love Steve  

Trust me Steve saying yes to that movie was the best decision I have ever made!

I wish you all a wonderful week filled with love and giggles! And I hope that you all have someone who loves you just the way you are! I count that kind of love as one of the best gifts of all!

Monday, January 24, 2011

So many lovely days!

My life has been filled with so many happy happy days! As I shared before my family was here for over a week and we had a BLAST!! Lots of time spent with great family and friends. And of course I cried like a baby the second they drove away! I told Sara I wouldn't, but you know how much I love them !!  I am so blessed to have the family that I do! Because this video is just so darn fun I have to share! Dave doing his thing to Just Dance 2 !! Our new favorite Wii game and hopefully the way this "Proud Mary" will burn some serious calories! It is my new favorite exercise !

After the holiday craziness  and having lots of company.....
I spent a whole day doing nothing but what I wanted to do....
And I have to say it was GLORIOUS!!
I took Brody to the park, we shared a bagel at the Coffee Bean, I shopped, read, got a pedicure,sat out in the sunshine, and puttered all by myself! I didn't take my "to do list"
I just had fun!! I even stopped by Sees for two little pieces of chocolate!
I fought feeling guilty about wasting time but soon decided that I need more of those kind of days!
It was so good for my soul!

And now I am working on getting this house clean. Amazing  how grungy things get so quickly when you are not staying on top of it ! I still keep hoping my maid will show up but I have been waiting for over twenty years and still no one?? So I better get crackin...
Thanks for stopping by, and leave a comment telling me what you are up to!
I would love to hear....
Wishing you days filled with love and giggles and time to do "nothing"  

Sunday, January 9, 2011

**Loving every minute**

Laughing so hard my stomach hurts, playing cards and roaring fires, wine tastings and great meals out. Long  walks with my family and sweet pup, family visits,chatting in jammies with coffee in the mornings.  
And we still have them here for another week!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I cant help it~ I am just soooo proud!

Once again meet the people of GEAR!  My fabulous brother, my precious sis in law and their kids! ALL 28 of them....

If you donate to charities I would ask that you consider GEAR! 
I cant think of anyone more deserving!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I'm back! And it made me so happy to know my silly blog was missed! So first a big thank you to  my friends  who stop by to see what we're up to in my corner of the world. It was a beautiful Christmas season ! I said it was the BEST Christmas EVER  and Steve reminded me that I say that every year. How lucky are we that we have so many great holiday memories!
I have lots of photos and fun to share so I promise to get some posts going.
Today is "One One One One" I am going to stay in jammies, take down my tree, make spaghetti, blog, and enjoy a much needed day off from everything! This party pooper was in bed last night at 10 from absolute exhaustion. So today is a good day to regroup.

2011....So much to look forward to!
A trip to Seattle for a wedding
A long visit with the Tennessee  Krikacs this next week
Lots of time with friends and family because that is always the joy of my heart
I believe I will be one BIG step closer to being a YaYa ! 
A trip with my hubby to Alaska
Lots of long walks with my best furry friend Brody!
New books to read and recipes to try

My desire is to a better wife,a better friend, to serve God with a joyful heart and to love people with the kind of love that soothes their hearts....
So here's to us!
A new year and new dreams