Monday, May 23, 2011


There is something about this picture that captures Chads joy! It was taken while he was in Costa Rica at a hostile with people from all over the world. And he's as comfortable as he would be at home.
My brother Dave had a quote on his peechee folder more than 30 years ago that I memorized, and it came back to me when I saw this picture...

The smile on your face is like the light in the window that tells people you're at home 

When you are with Chad , you are at home!
He loves new people, new experiences, and has such an amazing way about him that makes you immediately feel  like you  have met a great new friend. No awkward silences or lulls in conversation and he is genuinely interested in everyone he comes across.
What a gift to have that trait....Exactly like my mom and dad!!

I love you Chad and just wanted you to know how great I think you are!! 
And I am trusting that rum belonged to someone else at the table : )

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Remember my old cute names ?  Sophia...La Queenda...
Well move over there's a new girl in town
Steve has named me "Claudia"
Not after a beautiful lady named Claudia, or because of an endearing memory of a favorite teacher or neighbor. I am Claudia because I am a Claud !
And I have to say the name is fitting! I dropped a griddle on my toe and broke it I am sure. It was purple and blue for a week and still sore if I touch it. I tripped last week at work....TWICE!
I walked straight into a pole at the shopping center and slipped on my very own pajamas. I have always been a bit of a clutz but this is a whole new low level. I have heard that menopause does weird things to people and I am beginning  to think its the case for me. Which I find encouraging because that means there's an end in sight!  I have to just land pretty and wear a bike helmet while shopping at the mall for the next 8 years then I"m home free.

In other good news {from the carter convalescent home} I had three of my four tests completed. I  lost at least 5 pounds with the fun prep which makes me one big step closer to being a  personal trainer. They are biopsying one questionable thing in my stomach? and we should know more in a week. But I am secretly hoping it is a parasite so I can get that last 40 pounds off soon.

These are my new dishes  ~ I think they're so me!

Shhh dont tell Steve but I think I know what one of my birthday gifts is going to be....
A Life Alert!

Wishing you  love and giggles! And remember when life knocks us down, try to land pretty and get right back up!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mothers Love~

I am always amazed at the depth of love within  a mothers heart. I was lucky enough to experience that kind of love from my own precious mom. The unconditional, completely  accepting, just because, for always  kind of love!
And I overflow with that kind of love for my own kids! Nothing makes me happier than being with them and cheering for them  in everything they do! I had the most lovely Mothers Day celebrating with my family. Complete with fabulous gifts and cards that had to be read later because the second I opened them the tears started to flow. Heartfelt words from the sweetest boys ever and a daughter in law that I love as my own.
BLESSED is what I am ! And not a day goes by that I don't thank God for all He has given to me.... 
Travis is going to be  GREAT Daddy!

Dinner in Little Italy after a great beach day! Ken, Lindsay and Chloe came too which made it even more special!!

If I had known these kids were going to be this terrific I would have had 5 more!