Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Momala~

Well today is my precious moms birthday. Even though it has been two years since I have seen her adorable face it is clear as day in my mind. I can smell her, and remember the touch of her soft skin. And if I try I can even hear her sweet voice. And for those memories I am so grateful. It is so hard to convey all that she was with words. She truly was one of a kind. There will always be so many things that are uniquely tied to her.I think of her scrambling eggs that were always so yummy, reading "Twas the night before Christmas" every Christmas eve to the boys, her fierce compassion for people, her love of the ocean, joy at being around her family, rummaging through that darn purse,her cute aprons,her sweet laugh,her name Gera, the popcorn tins and Easter lilies, always wanting a flannel nightgown for her birthday,calling me princess, and my brother Dave was always King David. Her joy for life and love for God.The countless times seeing her reading her bible and praying.I am so grateful to have had a Mom like her. She gave us so much confidence and prayed for us every day. She left a incredible legacy of love and faith.I cant wait to see you again in heaven Mom. Until then I will try to live with love like you did. And make sure everyone I meet knows they are loved by God and that they matter. Happy Birthday!!

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Anonymous said...

And she'd Be soo proud! I know she's looking down at you now,THINKING,"WOW...I did AMAZING! " ;) Smiles! ~Cara