Friday, October 30, 2009

I am lovin....

(this pic is totally unrelated but who wouldn't love these)

*Honeycrisp apples! I bought a 12 pack at Costco and they are ahhhmazing! They have a very short season so they are kinda expensive but worth every penny.Crispy,juicy and when you eat all those apples you can almost feel the weight falling off.

*My internal clock waking me up at 3am(since that's when I used to get up for work)But being able to hit my internal snooze and sleep until 6 or later is awesome! I think I'm liking my new store more and more with every cozy roll over.

*I now have five Christmas gifts bought and stashed.I really want to wrap them but my husband keeps giving me weird looks when I ask him to get the Christmas boxes down?

*We are attending a party tonight and I am making these. Now I am warning you!! They not only are a Paula Deen recipe but the ingredients include sausage, cheese, and bisquick. So basically they're a "cardiac platter" But they are the most yummy little appetizers ever! And since I make mine into small balls they hardly count. Plus I omit the dip which deducts even more calories from each ball eaten.

*Stride Gum, "nonstop mint" Seriously the best gum ever! I am addicted

*Blog comments which I have not been getting near enough of (hint hint)

*Diet Sierra Mist Cranberry Soda....Very refreshing and yummy! Tastes like a Shirley Temple and those remind me of my Daddy! He would always order me one when we went out and I felt so special sipping them. ♥

* - if you have never shopped online here try it today! They have the sweetest things that are mostly all hand made. It makes shopping for gifts so easy and special! I bought Sara the cutest necklace and had it stamped "Silly Sara" which I have always called her! I know she will love it and I love supporting crafters. If you need darling little girl bows or headbands visit "Shining Stars Boutique" which is my friend Jessica's shop. Very talented and oh so cute! Also my friend Nancy's daughter makes the cutest knit hats! Click here to see her things!

*I was at Holly's for Bunco and she was wearing her cute little slippers which got us talking about them.I have always been more of a 'cozy sock' kind of girl,but after seeing how cozy she was in hers and how much she loved them I decided to get some too! So at Khols the other day they had them for ten dollars and I've hardly had them off my feet! So cute and easy to slip on.I am just lovin my slippers!

What do you love? Any fun new finds to share? If so leave me a comment. I would love to know what you are loving these day!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Agnes and Eunice together again!

I had the BEST day Sunday hanging out with my dear friend who I grew up with! Renee and I lived on the same street and were inseparable all through high school. If you line up all my happy school memories Renee would be a huge part of them! We were such good girls, but any mischief we did get into was because we were together. We loved to skip last period to go home and watch General Hospital,We drove by boys houses hoping for a glimpse of them outside. Her high school crush"Micky" worked at Food Giant so we made more trips to that darn market than any two girls ought to. (She reminded me that we stole the big ole Food Giant banner and hung it in her room,bird doo and all) We took our very first road trip together to Santa Barbara when we turned 16. We spent the weekend riding bikes along the board walk and had such a fun adventure. If you were to ask our families about Renee and I they would certainly mention the "New York" accents we spoke with all through high school. She was "Agnes Goober" and I was "Eunice Burns" I vividly remember my mom saying"will you girls please just talk normal" but I think we forgot how! We would kibitz all day long.We were simply kindred spirits who loved each other like sisters and never tired of each others company!
Well a few weeks ago she mentioned that she was moving to the area where Kenny and Lindsay live and how she was looking for a church. She had no idea that Ken was a pastor at one right in her own back yard. So we agreed to meet at church and then go have a nice long lunch and catch up! I almost cried holding her hand in church remembering back to being together 30 years ago during youth group. Kenny still had to remind us to not giggle and pass notes! There truly is no substitute for a old friend and I am so thankful that I still have mine! A three hour lunch was still not enough time to scratch the surface and catch up so we are hoping to meet again soon. I adore you Agnes and always will! Love and hugs....Eunice~

Monday, October 26, 2009

A ghoulish good time!

We had a Monster Bash.....and did the Monster Mash..
Here's a montage of photos from our fun night! I think we all look Spooktactular!
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random Portuguese Tidbits!

I cant say any names but I have a best friend who is Portuguese and she cracks me up! Most days when I answer the phone she just starts talking.No hello, just mid sentence about what she found at Çostco or some random thing. I come home to the funniest messages and I love them! I can picture her cooking or cleaning and thinking"I'm gonna call Karen real quick" Here are just a few "Sandyisms" recently found on my machine. I know they lose a little in translation but I cant help but share.

"Its me...since you're not home I'm turning the Dr Phil show on..They are talking about family massacres so I guess life can always be worse"

"I cant afford to buy both my hormone medication and blood pressure pills. So do I want to go crazy or have a stroke?"

"Where are you? I want to share some of my recent escapades with you. Call me" (who uses the word escapades?)

"Hi it's me....did you ever have days when you really didn't like your teenagers? Ok call me"

"Oh my gosh I just ate a can of tomato soup. Then realized that I still had 1/2 sleeve of crackers left so I made a second can. I have never in my life eaten two cans of Campbells soup. What is wrong with me today"

Aren't you glad we all have somebody to bounce the most random of thoughts off. Like Seinfeld says "just the daily menusha of life" Sandy I am glad that we are friends for the BIG and little things!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Keep the change

I hate change...always have. I could stay in the same house with the same neighbors, work the same job with the same friends and be happy as a clam. But life doesn't work that way, and this week especially the changes were so sad. I have shared before about our group at work and how much they mean to me. After 11 years they are part of my family. And this will be my last week with them! Our company is shifting and they took my store, put it in a snow globe and shook.When things settled not only was Kirk gone but a few more of us too. We have been crying all week about being separated. Trish and I met one morning at the time clock and we both had tears streaming down our faces. But in true "girlfriend" style they sent me off with fun princess goodies.It sure made me smile, but it doesn't help the knot in my stomach wondering what daily life will be like without each other.What if they don't like me? What if they think I'm a crazy girl who talks about her puppy like it's her child,cries at the drop of a hat, who does the "superstar" and talks in different accents,uses the name "Sophia" at Starbucks and stares at white cake with adoration. And I know they'll think I'm crazy when I show up with my tiara and princess lunch pail? Oh goodness please don't make me go! Guess I will use the Costco philosophy" I'm large, not very fancy but I dare ya not to like me"
To the girls.....I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such good pals! You made work so much fun! I know I'm going to miss you every minute of every day! Years ago when Rhonda and I were separated she gave me a bag of peppermints and told me when I was sad they would make me feel better. Through the years we have had lots of occasions to share peppermints with each other. So for this goodbye she filled a jug of them for me.I could eat them all, but there's no making this better. I adore you guys, Keep giggling and remember we're Superstars for life!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Finding Joy

It's been kinda a bummer week and I have been fighting being sad. As I was organizing my photos I came across this precious video of Mekenna and I the last time she was here. It sure made me smile! There is nothing like the unconditional love of a child. I called her mommy and asked if I could take her for a play day Monday and she said Mekenna was thrilled about the idea. So I think we'll get our nails done, go to lunch, of course the park, and maybe a trip to build a bear. I love that one of my best friends is five!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My heart aches...

I have posted before about my best friends daughter "Shea" and what a terrific girl she is.This post is one of the most serious ones I have done and it is the MOST important. I have Sandy's blessing because she and her husband Dennis are determined to get the word out. Shea was 16 when her doctor suggested that she receive the HPV virus shots. Sandy didn't agree because Shea was not going to be sexually active. Each time she saw the Dr for cheer physicals or checkups they would push the importance of young girls receiving the immunization to guard against cervical cancer.She was told "all the doctors give it their own kids" So she agreed. Within two months Shea was experiencing side effects, and within a year she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sandy never put the two together until she just happened to meet a lady who had Rheumatoid Arthritis.Sandy shared with her that Shea had just been diagnosed. The lady asked if Shea had received the Gardisal shots? Sandy replied yes why? The lady had a very serious look and told Sandy to go home and Google it. Sandy did and the results were shocking and devastating! There are thousands of young girls who have horrid side effects and Erin Brockovich is heading up a class action law suit. But yet the commercials keep playing...And the doctors are still pushing the immunization. I realize that not all young ladies who receive Gardisal will have these side effects but it is crucial that everyone knows the risks involved!
Sandy has shed many tears about allowing her daughter to immunized. This morning while we talked we both cried as she was describing Shea's prognosis. Her arthritis has worsened so much that she is now on heavy duty pills to keep her hands from becoming disfigured and to keep the arthritis at bay. She has many days when she is in so much pain she cant even get out of bed. This was a healthy girl who ran track and would ride her bike to the beach and back with friends. It is absolutely heartbreaking!
I know many of you who read my blog believe in the power of prayer so I ask you to please keep them in your prayers! Pray that the Lord would sustain Shea and strengthen her system to fight off this disease. Pray for Dennis and Sandy as they pursue the best doctors for the perfect treatments. The side effects of all the drugs she now needs to take are taking their toll on her little body too.Last week her migraines were unbearable. And please if you know anyone who is thinking about giving their daughter Gardisal please tell them to do their homework first and not simply follow their Doctors advice. My heart is so heavy today as I write this, but I am hopeful that we all will keep them in our prayers and that God has her in His mighty grip!

Gardisal In the News
Gardisal In the News

Friday, October 9, 2009

Garden of Joy

I am so happy and it's all because of the Lord's amazing love! He has filled my life with people who constantly plant in my garden of joy! I've said it before, but I am so grateful for my family and friends. How does one girl get so darn lucky? I honestly feel like I should NEVER complain about anything EVER.Because when life gets hard or sad,I remember I have had more blessings than any one person should be allowed. And yes you should remind me of that next time I get cranky and complain. Slap me and tell me to knock it off (then take me out for a cupcake to make me feel better) Here are a few blooms from my garden. I know its Fall but because of you my heart always feels like Spring!

*Had the BEST time with my book babes laughing and sharing stories. Casey went to Italy for her 25th wedding anniversary and brought us all back beautiful necklaces and darling book marks.They were so kind and generous to me on my birthday and my home is filled with sweet gifts and beautiful flowers! I LOVE my book babes...

*People are truly good and when you meet a stranger who shows kindness it makes me want to be a better person! Brody got hurt the other day at the dog park. He was running and really hurt his leg. (night crew guys couldn't believe this story...nothing around but his own two feet and he fell? Yep he's my dog) Luckily he is better and on his way to a full recovery. But of course when it happened I was a wreck! This sweet man who is at least 70 picked Brody up and carried him all the way to my car! Then he gave me a big ole hug.When I thanked him he simply said "that's what friends are for". It melted my heart! I wrote him a thank you note and gave him a little Starbucks gift card. I didn't even know his name but addressed it "My dog park hero" Another seed of kindness in my garden.

*My niece Sara left me the sweetest voice mail message about meeting Peter Pan & the Princesses at Disney World! The sheer joy in her voice as she was telling me all the details was precious. She leaves me the cutest messages but this one I want to record for you all to hear. It is just that sweet! In her heart they are are all real, they fly, and they are truly her friends. Sara's garden is always in full bloom! And we are so blessed by her joy.
*It has been a couple weeks but I wanted to thank the work girls for making my birthday so fun! It's kinda a joke about me being the "princess" So they did it up big time! tiara, sash, beads, a princess lunch pail, and of course a Hawaiian themed cake to remind me what a dork I am.I once sincerely asked Steve who first started calling me superstar? And he said " I think it was you?" (very funny) But because of that I am afraid to ask how I got the princess title? But I sure love it and I love having friends who indulge my craziness. Trish,Rhonda and all my work buddies I love you !

*Kenny we thank you so much for taking the boys and Steve on the retreat. They had a blast and loved being with you! Nothing lasts longer than happy memories and I know it will be a trip they will always cherish. You are the BEST Uncle Buck!

*Yet another package from Dave! That boy is so darn thoughtful. This time it was a autographed copy of a book written by a author he knows.She lives in Tennessee and goes to his church.Looks like it has a fun southern feel which I adore. I can hardly wait to dig into it with a tall glass of sweet tea. Dave you are such a blessing!

I am going to find ways to plant some seeds of joy in others lives this week. Can you imagine if we all decided to "pay it forward" and give back for all that we have been given! Sounds like a perfect challenge to me.And be sure to let me know how your garden grows!
Love, hugs and giggles "Lilo"

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Six...

There have been many blessings this week and my heart is overwhelmed with thankfulness.Here are six that made me smile and reminded me yet again how truly good God is!

1- Steve and the boys went away for a mens retreat with my brother Kenny and his church. Steve was literally "giddy" that he was going to be with the boys for the whole weekend. They called and are having a great time! They will be home later today and I can hardly wait to hear all about it!
2- Because the boys were away my sweet daughter in law drove up for the afternoon on Saturday.It was so nice to hang out just us girls.We did a little shopping and had dinner on the patio at one of my favorite restaurants in town. She is such an amazing girl and I LOVE having time alone to build our friendship and share our hearts.I have always loved being a mom to boys and never wanted anything else, but I now know what people mean about having a daughter. It's the BEST!

3-I spent an afternoon with Chad last week and we had such a special time. I went to his house in La Jolla and we walked along the beach and through the city to a fun lunch spot. First he made me go into Rocky Mountain Chocolate and pick out a couple pieces. I told him I certainly didn't need chocolate but he insisted on buying me some (how precious is this kid?) We had the best day! I called Steve on the way home and tried to tell him about it but couldn't even get the words out.Chad is so sweet to me and he is going to be the most thoughtful husband ever! Later that day his facebook status said "Had the best day today with my momma" a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.The view from his room! Not a bad gig.....
4- My dear friend Krissy had a birthday and we decided to meet for lunch. I was so happy that Rhonda just happened to drop by while we were leaving so she came and joined in the fun! Rhonda worked with Krissy 28 years ago and we all have been friends forever.Crazy Krissy is a HOOOT! She turned 62 but she is the most fun, young at heart person I have ever known. I always say that she "walks in the sunshine" and its true! She is never in a grumpy mood and calls everyone sweety and honey. She really is just that nice. So we all went to lunch and for reflexology! What a fun day! Although that will probably be the last time we let her drive. Literally 80 miles an hour with music blaring on her Bose system, taking the corners on 2 wheels. She is NO where near being a senior...

5- A serendipity from our neighbor Donna and her family. We came home to the sweetest note and homemade pumpkin coasters. She wanted to wish us a Happy Fall and thank us for being such good neighbors! We never take for granted that we live on the best block with the kindest neighbors.I was so touched by her kindness and can hardly wait to think of a way to bless her back.

6-Brody and I are in our third week of puppy school and we are having so much fun! He is such a sweet boy and is so eager to please and obey. And he is such a little teachers pet! It isn't easy being firm and disciplining him but I am learning. Plus if he's good we go out after class for an In-and-Out burger and he LOVES it. He has been such good company for us and we love having a pup.

I hope you all have a sweet week filled with blessings and giggles! And that we all look for the blessings in life and chose to walk in the sunshine!