Sunday, April 6, 2014

Catching up,,,

I just hate when I fall behind on blogging and so much has happened that I haven't written about. 
Of course first thing is Beckham is 2 ! 
Ashlyn had the most darling brunch/ party for him with a pancake bar, donut tower and lots of beautiful details. That girl amazes me with what she can put together. Even though it poured rain and she had to move the whole thing inside  it was picture perfect and he of course was darling !
And we found out that day when they popped the balloons and pink confetti came out that they are having a GIRL!!
YaYa is in heaven with the idea of that  !!!  God is so good  and I love her so much already 

We also had such a fun family dinner down in La Jolla ! We all met at Chads house and walked to a restaurant nearby and laughed and ate. Beckham kept leaning into me and hugging me so tight. I couldn't help myself and started crying with the sheer joy of his love for me !  He truly loves his YaYa and Papou ......We are putty in his hands I tell ya
This family of mine is my biggest joy and every minute spent with them are my
 very favorites

And in other big news guess who is potty trained?
At two !!!
Gosh I think my kids were almost three? But this sweet boy is rockin his super hero underwear and telling his Momma " pee pee momma"  Good Job Becks !

We also had a fun moms dinner night with the girls and our sweet friend Vickie flew in for a wedding and was able to join us. It was so fun to all be together and  it makes me realize how much I miss seeing her every month.
I still have so much to share !! A trip to Kentucky and Nashville with my sis and niece that was a absolute blast is next up on the blog !
But I will end with this....
As some of you know I had a really sad parting  with my best friend Sandy
It was a hurt in my heart that never ever went away and I missed her in my life more than I ever admitted. I thought being away would be easier, but when you love someone and have shared such a long history and so much of your lives it just felt like I had lost such a big  piece of my heart. We had both text each other "happy birthdays" and then she one day text " can we meet for lunch " Of course I said yes and was a nervous wreck.It had been more than two years. We met at a restaurant half way between our houses and  laughed, cried, prayed, and talked for five hours.
We left there wondering how our friendship would be from that point forward ? Could we pick back up and be good friends again?  But we were happy that at least we had settled things and truly forgave each other.
It has been a month and I cant tell you how happy I am that she is back in my life !

We both were wrong, and stubborn and  thought the best thing was to let it go
But I am so thankful for a God who wants us to work things out and give grace and love to people in our lives and restore fellowship even though we may be hurt.  
I was so sorry and so was she...
And I cant tell you how happy we are that us crazy Greek/ Portuguese  girls are back burning up the phone lines and texting our crazy random thoughts
This precious , long time friendship was worth fighting for 

True friendship isn't being inseparable, it's being separated, and nothing changes

So I end this post with a encouragement to reach out to someone if you are estranged from them. Call or text and make a move to love even though you may be right or justified not to. Life is so short and we may be right but being loving is what God calls us to do !
And who knows that restored relationship might be such a huge blessing to your life !!