Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sunday's Six Moments For Which I am Grateful

'I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string' L.M. Montgomery

1- Last week Steve and I went on a date. We saw Gran Torino(LOVED it) and then went to lunch at Red Lobster because one of his clients had given him a gift card. They have their utensils wrapped in a paper napkin with a little paper band. We were sitting talking and my sweet hubby reached across the table and said "here let me open that for you" and he laid out my napkin and placed my silverware for me. Such a small thing but it was so tender.

2- Jamba Juice oatmeal! My sweet DIL told me about Jamba Juice having a new steel cut oatmeal. And she linked to a coupon so it was only a dollar.So when the group of us went to get our morning coffees we also stopped there for oatmeal.It was amazing! The best part is the manager gave us the coupons back and told us he would always give it to us for that price because we work in the center. So Friday there was 6 of us toasting Ash with our oatmeal cups! Thanks for the yummy bargain!
3-My friend who went through chemo was out on "parole" (as Keli calls it) so we all met up for lunch and a movie. It was so great to see her! She is still absolutely adorable with her little scarf and bright smile. She always has such a fun,positive attitude and it shows! Here's to many more girl dates and book clubs!

4- A darling couple who I used to work with opened a new shop in down town Temecula called" The Spice Merchant" It is such a fun store and it is booming! And it couldn't happen to nicer people. I went in yesterday for some loose tea and a new tea pot and had a fun visit with them.I love iced teas and have always wanted a pot with the infuser. So I treated myself to a super cute clear glass one. I am sipping strawberry tea right now and it is amazing . I love to buy from small businesses and home crafters. If you are ever in town please stop in and tell them Karen sent ya
5- Wednesday I worked a 4-12 shift and came home to a empty house. So I lit the fire, got a blanket, and watched Fireproof. I never allow myself to watch TV during the day but it was such a treat.The movie was a little corny but it had a powerful and lasting message. I loved many parts of it but the part that resonated me was the correlation between God's unconditional love for us and the unconditional love that we should have for our spouse. God loves us when we are unlovable. He loves us even when most people would look at us and think that no one should love us. He loves us when we don't love ourselves and he loves us when we don't deserve it.

6- I'm happy its February! I always love a new month and January isn't a favorite. Its always the month when you are coming off so much fun and activity and I always feel a little sad.It's cold and kinda dreary. But that's a GREAT month!! So I wish you all a February filled with love, fun, pink and red, romance, candy hearts and sugar cookies.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Hello New York!!

No I am not going on a fabulous trip to my dream city(yet)
I am truly saying "Hello New York" I have a blog reader in New York and the curiosity for some reason is killing me! So I thought maybe if I did a little shout out saying hi, they would say hi back.I have a tracker on my blog that shows how many people read my blog everyday and it shows a map of where the visitors are from. Obviously most are from California, I have my "little" group of readers in Utah,my brother in Tennessee, a couple readers from Texas,and then a big list of hits from New York? Wow how did someone in New York find my blog? and more curious why do they keep coming back? Well I am thrilled to have a friend in my dream city. I think perhaps it's Regis and Keli stopping by since I am such a huge fan.Or maybe its Bonnie just getting caught up with my life while she is on the East Coast? But most likely its just another blog jumper like me in jammies,drinking tea and checking in to see whats going on in other peoples corner of the world.So blog friend,do you live in the heart of the city? the suburbs? Do you have an accent? You all know how much I love that East Coast accent.Have we met?Are you a movie exec? do you want me to come there to write a screen play or star in something off Broadway?Just let me know..but for now I will just say Hi and thanks for stopping by, Sit Long, Read much! And someday soon leave a comment. I would love to meet ya

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tales from the recycling center (part 2)

My niece Chloe and I have had some good laughs about our trips to the recycling center. We often call each other and share the horrors of it, and she even posted a blog a couple months back about her last trip.But we both agree it's good for the environment.I decided a few years ago that I was going to make a few key changes and do my part.I use "green" bags at the grocery, or skip the bags altogether. I really try to use less gas and make fewer trips running errands. And I recycle. This last one has been the biggest adjustment by far. I just feel so unfortunate standing in line with my cans. Even though its our Diet Coke dripping in the bag it grosses me out big time! Today the friendly fella(that's for you Kami) who works there was a real character,but he sure had rhythm. He was dancing away to bad eighties music and having his own little party. There was one man ahead of me who kept going back to his truck for more cans. Now people,the etiquette says you have to be prepared before approaching the machine. We cant wait for you to make "trips" to get more cans from under your seat or the cab of your truck.In the midst of all this fun I text Chloe to tell her evidently people still drink "Shasta" because one ladies bags were filled with it. Grape, Orange, Fruit Punch? Wow who knew ? She text back "the only thing more depressing is the Sams Choice generic from Wal Mart" So I stood there all by myself cracking up.Yep...I fit right in.But I did leave with $7.10 and a smile in spite of it all.And grateful that I always have a box of diaper wipes in my car for just these occasions.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile

Another Sunday to pause and think back on the little things of the week that I am grateful for. I have learned by doing this each week how much sweeter life is when lived with gratitude.

1- I met Thia Mary for lunch in Hemet! If you have ever been to Hemet it's certainly not a place that you would LOVE to go. But its half way between our houses and she sounded kinda lonesome so I suggested we meet for lunch. We had such a fun time! She amazes me...she is a very young 82 and is a kick. She laughs constantly and tells the best stories. Then we visited her old neighbor who is living in an assisted living home. When Mary walked in the ladies eyes lit up with excitement. I can sometimes be selfish with my time and want to use my days off for"me" And I feel terrible that I might hesitate to go,I drove away thinking I need "Fridays with Mary" to soak up all the time I have with my moms precious sister!

2- I have a chalkboard in my dining room and people sometimes write little notes on it, or I'll put a scripture on it. Today as I was dusting I noticed it said "Its so good to be home, Chad" It made me smile. It sure has been fun having him home. (even though he sure is a messy little fella)

3- We bought our tickets to San Fransisco!! Another item on the bucket list that I will soon be able to cross off.I have never been and my list of things to do and see is growing. I would love any ideas! Places to eat..things to do....It will be the " 5 Carters" all together making memories!

4- Heated mattress pads! I am not a fan of electric blankets but all my aunts love their mattress pads. So I thought I would try one and I am a new convert. You turn that baby on to high,crawl in, and it's delicious! Steve is worried that I am going to get a disease from heating my blood too hot. He calls it my" lupus lounge" But it sure is comfy! Its on the guest bed so I only use it for naps and to warm up. Mr Matchstick says its too warm for our bed.

5- Gerber Daisy's- I have been going to the Farmers Market on Saturdays and become a huge fan of these darling little flowers. Yesterday I bought "red" and they are adorable...I like them in bell jars or little white pitchers. They are just so sweet and they make my kitchen and my soul happy!

6- I am thankful for the Internet! I have a facebook acct and my cousin Janie from Nebraska found me last week!She has always been such a kindred spirit and we have not always kept in touch like we should. I was able to see photos of her boys and grand babies, of her darling hubby fishing and her beautiful smile. Sometimes life gets busy and we don't find the time to mail pictures and letters but how great that we all can keep up with each others lives this way. A connection from a little farm in Ord to me here in Temecula. What a blessing for sure......

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mmmm Lentil Soup~

"Karen Carter of Temecula" yep...I made the local paper. Not once but twice in the last month. And what am I famous for now? My obsession for lentil soup. I grew up on Lentil soup and lately I have been craving it big time! It is definitely one of those things that you either like or don't. Steve thinks they kinda taste like popcorn hulls. But I love it, its super healthy and always satisfying. Our local Italian deli had the BEST soup on Tuesdays. It was such a treat for lunch, but they went out of business.Turns out my dear friend Casey is related to the Campini's and she is trying to snag it for me.But you know those Italian soup nazi's (Casey I am willing to buy you Starbucks for a week to get that recipe and if you knew how often she goes to Starbucks that could be BIG money)But not knowing if she would be able to find it I have been on the hunt for the recipe every since. So my friend Kim who also loved it suggested we (meaning me )write to the paper and ask if they can get the recipe for us. So they listed my question and then last week they listed a reply recipe. Not from the owners but from another reader who has a similar recipe. So of course I autographed a copy of the newspaper for Kim to keep and I am going to try the recipe tomorrow. I first called my Thia Mary and asked her if she things it sounds like a good one. (The Greeks are very lentil savvy) But just thinking and talking about lentils made me so hungry for them. So Chad and I spilt a can of Progresso. Not home made but mmm mmm good. So if you have have any great recipes for lentil soup...send them along. If my recipe turns out fabulous I'll let you know so you can stop by for some. BYOB (bring your own bowl)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile

I am a day late...but feel a little out of sorts for not doing my Sunday Six this week. So I am going to stop a minute and say thank you for six blessings this week. With a grateful heart...

1- My dear friend is HOME!!! I could just write that one down six times and that would be enough.She is doing wonderful and my heart is soooo happy! I can hardly wait to be able to visit and see her sweet smile! Doctors and modern medicine are truly miraculous .

2- I know I have said it numerous times before but I LOVE my daughter in law!! As I sat across from her today at lunch I almost cried. I just feel so blessed that our life now includes this amazing girl. Funny how our family expanded and we cant even remember life before her and her sweet presence.I was in San Diego today so we hooked up for a fun lunch date. Chit Chat,Salads,Giggles, and my darling dil= A PERFECT AFTERNOON. God blessed Trav BIG time..and blessed our whole family as well

3- Steve cracks me up...I was telling Ash today how many times he said the word"tasty"on our trip. And for some reason it just makes me laugh "this croissant is pretty tasty" " my salmon sure is tasty" Lindsay and I often tease him because when he wants something sweet he will ask if we have any "delicacies" It is just so cute and dainty coming out of a 6'3 burly guy. Its the little things......

4-I have new blog friends!! I received a few sweet notes this week that made my day! People who found my blog through friends or family.I love reading their blogs and being able to pray for them and cheer for their families. I often think my blog seems very boring and ordinary, but I am glad someone likes to read it and the encouragement meant so much. Thanks Heather,Liz and Sara~

5-Of course I have to mention flight 1549! WOW the coverage was gripping and I watched quite a bit because it moved me so much. I found myself thinking of the contrast between these amazing passengers and crew and the selfish people at Wal Mart before Christmas fighting for TV sets. They were all anxious to get off that plane but there was no scrambling and everyone helped each other. It restores your faith in man kind.New York is loaded with heroes. The rescue crews were phenomenal. And Captain Sully,not many heroes have the chance to save even one life, and he saved over 150.

6-Today I picked up my dresser and I'm so happy to have it home. When I was young I bought my best friend Janet's dresser for $10. And my kind neighbor painted it yellow to match my canopy bed. It was always in my room but when I got married my mom kept it at her house. So after she passed away I took it home and it has been in my garage. I dropped it off last week to be painted white and shabby chic. And its super cute! The sound of the handles clicking bring back so many memories. I still remember which drawers I kept my things in. And it totally smells like my mom! What a special "serendipity" (her favorite word) I think I have had it for about 35 years....A pretty good buy for 10 bucks
Hope your week is filled with love, grace and fun!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Every pot has its lid...

I can always remember my mom saying this phrase. I would see a couple and question how they met or got married and my mom would say "honey every pot has its lid" And I have to say after spending 4 days with my sweet hubby he is still my lid. Isn't it funny how you can be in a huge crowd of people and there is not even one other person you could picture yourself with. I am a "crack pot" for sure but his lid is still is a perfect cover for me and I am grateful. We went away this weekend because we had four free nights at the Palazzo hotel,and we had so much fun! I know there is no one who could be better suited for us than each other.
I not only have bucket lists for the big things in life I want to do, but I have little bucket lists for almost every place we go. And he just sweetly goes along with my madness. I wanted to visit a Dunkin Doughnuts store because they have such good coffee, and I wanted to buy a few bags of the beans to take home. I know they sell Dunkin beans at Costco, but they are not the real  Dunkin Doughnut beans. So off we went for a nice long drive to get "my beans" And since we came all that way...and we haven't had a doughnut there since we were kids, we each got one. We sat in the bar stools smiling and completely happy! Steve said I was swinging my feet and enjoying every sprinkle.Then a friend at work said they have the BEST croissants in the world at the bakery inside the Paris hotel. Well,I wasn't about to let a 6 block walk through Vegas streets keep me from trying one. Steve sweetly said"I'm sure they have good ones here too" But nope off we went and I have to say it was worth the walk.Fresh, flakey and super yummy with orange marmalade. There was also a store at the mall I wanted to shop in,of course see at least one Bellagio water show,listen to the dueling pianos at New York New York, and the list goes on. And Steve goes along with it all making sure all the little joys are crossed off .We lounged out by the pool patio and read, watched tv in jammies in our fabulous suite,walked through the shops upstairs and through the beautiful lawns with the flamingos at the classic Flamingo hotel. We stayed up late and then slept in.We people watched like no place other! You really do see it all in Vegas! We didnt get dressed up and go to Tao~didnt buy a thing at Dior, nor did we hang out in the hip bars , but we had fun! Our kind of fun....This old pot and her lid

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Let me start by saying the only memory I have of the word "twilight" is from when Chloe was in driving school in Kentucky. And her instructor told her(with a very southern accent) "now honey you have to learn to drive in twilight,and twilight is very different than dusk"
Well that was 8 years ago and I rarely heard the word since then. Until now...
So I certainly never thought it would happen.Ever.I never thought I would give in to the hype. To the counterculture.But I did, I sold out. Of course, I am also years behind. But I'm like that with most things. It was 10 years after the Guess jeans fad that I bought a pair.I just upgraded to a "I Pod" from a walkman about a year ago.I'm sure I am on the brink of owning Crocs(wow I do need prayer) So when something new and exciting and cool comes along, you can bet I will be on board. Only it will be the wrong board and it will be about three years late.But, I'll get there eventually. Which is why today, almost two years after the stinkin' book even came out, I am on the Twilight bandwagon. I walked by that book for two years in Barnes and Noble. I snickered at the ladies in line buying it. I asked God to help them,and heal their empty souls. Ladies really, Vampires?
Well. I now have a copy... But with my new book I have found new friends, a sisterhood if you will, of fellow Twilighters. And they are a tight pack! They have posters on their blogs, and they camped out to get the latest book decked out in twilight t-shirts.My bosses wife told me today that she is on the third book of the series and she doesn't even READ? EVER!!(she didn't even start the the first book until a week ago) All the book babes have read it and most of Chloe's friends. I told the lady at the book store that the only reason I was getting it is because"I just had to know what all the fuss is about" And I even said it with a little bit of an attitude. Well now what happens when I have to go back for books two, three and four? It all started because I am going away this weekend with the hubby and just wanted something fun and light to read. Now the poor guy will be lucky if we even speak to each other. But even some of my friends with strong faith and really good marriages have loved this book and admitted to having moments of wishing their husband was a vampire? So I just have to dive in and see what this Edward is all about.I'm sure my review will be up as early as Monday, I am going to enjoy the weekend getaway with Steve but I have been known to sneak in a chapter sitting on the tub while putting on make up. And I did pack a book light just in case he gets sleepy from the Nyquil I packed.No,he doesnt have a cold but the first sign of a sniffle and he might need two tablespoons teaspoons. By the way I heard they are coming out with a Twilight movie based on the book? You can bet I will be on board for that one....

Monday, January 12, 2009

Memory Lane~

I ADORE old pictures! And I ran across this treasure and just had to post it. How I loved those groovy yellow pants and can still remember the feel of them.The hair bows I had in every single color. They were the thick yarn ones and I wore them every day. Paul definitely won the best hair award with that wave~ Dave of course is smiling ear to ear~Kenny was adorable and my sweet Daddy was so proud of his brood....
Come on kids lets all climb into that blue Impala and I'll treat you to a A& W Rootbeer! Sweet memories for sure

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile

I had such a good week, but have to say I felt a little lonesome too. I think I have "post event" let down. (I just diagnosed myself and don't know if there even is such a thing)but I went through feeling kinda sad after the wedding too. Maybe it's the extra time without planning,preparations and the building excitement. Then add in Steve being back at work all week. I guess I do enjoy him being home more. But hopefully I am out of my funk and ready to start another week.I sure have much to be thankful for and to smile about.
Here are six that stand out...

1- Chads birthday was super fun. We had a breakfast date at MiMi's Cafe,then I baked him his favorite cake and we met up with Pops for dinner at BJ's.It was just the three of us but we had fun! He got tons of calls and messages and felt very loved.

2- I taught Chad my favorite game of "Upwards" and we have had some good battles. I love board games and my kids do too!! Travis and Chad have been playing chess like crazy and we even love connect four. If you ever want a good game,drop by the Carter's..

3- We have had gorgeous weather! Today it was 79 and there was big puffy clouds in the sky and snow on the mountains. T-Town really is beautiful and I don't ever take it for granted. I found myself singing "the hills are alive with the sound of music" as I rode my bike (confirming for the neighbors that I am not quite right. I saw my old friend Dena but couldn't talk long. I told her I had to be home before the street lights came on)

4- I have been LOST in this great book that I am reading. The kind of book where you want to read it at red lights and every chance you get. It is not a quick read but I think I will have it finished this weekend while the boys watch the Charger game! Only because I neglect everything when I find a book like this. it can wait. Just a few more chapters.

5- My sis in law Sandy called to share a precious story with me about my darling nephew Kory.He became a nurse recently, and he also has an incredible voice! He was taking care of a patient and they started talking. And somehow this lady was telling him how much she loved Hymns. Kory asked her what her favorite was and she told him "How great thou art" So Kory sang it to her,and then she joined in singing with him. I just thought it was the most touching story! And I am quite sure she felt much better after he left.He is so tender hearted and will be an amazing compassionate nurse! He once serenaded me at the restaurant where he worked and I loved it (video below) We love you Kory and are so proud of you!

6- Really good news for my friend who is in the hospital! The chemo is working perfectly and her cells are responding to the treatment. I have been praying for her everyday and feel so thankful that God is keeping her in the palm of His hand. Keep getting better and come home soon! There is chocolate to eat!!
(inside joke because she is a feign about chocolate)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Chad~

Chad is not going to like this post! Remember the Cleaver story? He didn't want my blog to seem too 'braggy' and sound like we are the Cleavers! Well Beaver....June just has to spill her heart.When I said I was writing his birthday post,he called from the other room "less is more Mom" Sorry kiddo your birthday comes once a year and this Momma has much to brag about....
So Happy Birthday to my baby boy Chad!! He is now 23 years old and I have yet to lose that darn baby weight. But I am going to cut myself some slack, because we must have been pretty good parents because he sure is one darling son. Chad has so many wonderful qualities rolled into one young man. His sense of humor is over the top, his work ethic, his strong love for family, his ability to put people at ease and make you feel so comfortable. But he wasn't always the easiest kid for sure. My life quote for him was Mark Twain "My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but she enjoyed every minute of it" And that is how life with the Chadster was.He wanted to be born when I was 6 months pregnant so it was "bed rest" for the last three.Then he flipped at 9 months and was breach so it was a C section. We called him "hooper" because he hooped when he would cry. (It was the weirdest noise) And from a early age he displayed a deep love of mischief. He loved McGyver and cut holes in the screens in his room so he could drop a line down? He pulled the tranny on his 300 dollar electric car with Trav so they could make it go faster? They locked us out of our house while they ate cookies inside. We called him a monkey because he could climb up your legs with his feet. He climbed out of his crib at 9 months old and I admit we were briefly tempted to put a net over the top. But he was one of the cutest babies ever(tied with the other Carter boy) He had those blue eyes and a killer smile.Since he shares a birthday with Elvis at a early age when we would sing to him, he would reply in his BEST Elvis voice "thank you , thank you very much" with a little hip jab. And this boy loved his momma! I remember taking him to preschool and he looked right at me and said he liked it  "but I just want to play wiff you mom"  
That was his last day!
So we would play while Trav was at school and he would wait by the front door for his brother and ask me 100 times how many more minutes until Travis was home. He still loves his brother more than anything! We are so proud of his tender heart and loving spirit.I sent him to do the recycling last week and he told me he gave the cans to the guy ahead of him because he looked like he could use the money.One day recently he came home from surfing super hungry, I asked about the lunch he packed and he said he gave it to a homeless guy at the beach  (so much like my mom)
He opens the car door for me, he writes me the sweetest notes, we have lunch once a week "just because" and he insists on treating me. Last week when I got there he had already ordered my iced tea.(so precious) So yes we will overlook the fire alarms he pulled all through high school, the suspension for telling the teacher his name was "Phillip" and the numerous pranks he played.I dreaded "back to school" nights because I knew I was in for some stories! My friend Sherie often reminded me I would be glad that I had a child who colors outside the lines and thinks outside the box. What box? he flattened the box and rode headfirst down the driveway in it. Well she was right! And I thank her for loving him and seeing the humor in things. Like the time he put bubbles in the jacuzzi at their hotel when on vacation with her family. But she reminds me every time I see her that he is still her favorite.

Chad you have been delightful, and your BIG personality just didn't fit in that little body.I am so proud to be your mom.I know the girl who marries you will be incredibly lucky! She will always feel loved and appreciated but there will never be a dull moment.I pray your year is filled to overflowing with blessings.
Happy Birthday!! 
Oodles of love....Your Momala~

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Book Club+Cookies+Jammies= Fun!

Every Christmas the book club girls do a cookie exchange and we have so much fun! With all the holiday posting I didn't want this fun event to go unnoticed. Our wonderful hostess Debbie invites all us girls over for a few hours to sit and chat. We have appetizers and we do a cookie exchange. The best part is we all wear jammies! So to a simple girl like me, who loves friends, cookies and jammies it is a perfect combination! It always seems daunting to bake in the midst of all the holiday craziness but we are always glad we did when we leave with darling cookies of every variety. This year Casey's were the cutest! Little peanut butter mice with licorice tails and peanut ears.They all were so delicious and Chad was thrilled when I walked in with them. When Nancy invited me to join them for book club a few years back I really didn't know these girls too well. But my love of reading had me curious enough to try a book club. I am so glad I did. They have become precious friends and it is one of the things on my calendar each month that I look so forward to. Here's to another year filled with great books and great friends!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile

I sure have been neglecting my Sunday Six lately because there has been so much to write about.Narrowing my smiles down to six has been too hard to do. But I am back on track and starting the new year right with being grateful for the big and little things every Sunday....
1- Kenny and Chloe arrived safely in Nashville. They drove for four days and had terrific weather. Chloe is all settled in her new apartment and Kenny flew home last night. After hearing her voice I'm thinking I may have to visit sooner than I thought. I really miss her already. She starts her internship in the morning,Go get em Clo....

2-We had such a blast with Travlyn Saturday. Steve and Trav surfed and Ash and I had tea and talked in their sweet cozy little house. We shopped a little and then we all had dinner and watched the BIG game in Charger town at a fun new sports bar.Us girls mostly laughed at all the dorks fans who yelled, chanted and high fived with every good play.We were in a loud sea of blue and yellow but it was a great game and a lot of fun to spend the day with the kids. Once again we smiled the whole way home.

3-I had a sweet visit with a precious friend who's in the hospital. We laughed and visited for a few hours and almost forgot she was even sick.She received news right before Christmas that was so difficult to hear. And everyone has been so worried about her and her family. But a couple of us girls went to visit her Friday and she is doing GREAT! She is just finishing her chemo and will be there for a few weeks getting her strength back. She has the BEST personality, a strong faith and always sees her glass as half full. So I know she will be strong and come home healthy. I cant wait to see her again this week. We love you tons and are praying for you every single day.

4- I am really enjoying the post holiday quiet. My house is all put back together and I started a great new book. I was sick for a couple days and had to stay home so it gave me the time to regroup. I love the holidays but normal days are sometimes even better.

5- Diet sprite mixed with cranberry juice! My new drink of choice,it's so delicious and refreshing! The juice alone is too sweet but when you mix it with the sprite it is so yummy!!! It even looks pretty and kinda cocktailish.

6- My new bike! I just love having a bike. I think my neighbors think I am a little 'touched' I take off on it with the cute little basket and away I go. Rhonda wanted some hot cocoa so I said I'll be right there! I put it in my basket and rode over there to deliver it. I feel like Phoebe from Friends (a bit dorky) but I like feeling like a kid again.I can hardly wait to take it to the strand and ride along the beach. Thanks Santa Steve

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Beautiful blonde hair and a heart of pure gold...

A few posts back I wrote about my friend Trish's daughter Jamie and how much I love this munchkin. Well she deserves another post. We are so proud of her and her heart of gold. She is now a freshman in high school, a age where girls can be a little selfish and vain. Well not this amazing girl. Jamie has the most beautiful hair which she has grown long for quite a while now. And she grew it long for the purpose of having it cut for locks of love. "Locks of love mission is to return a sense of self confidence and normalcy to children suffering from hair loss by utilizing donated ponytails to provide the highest quality hair prosthetics to financially disadvantaged children" What a terrific organization and how wonderful that so many young ladies are willing to donate. Jamie now has a darling short haircut and everytime I see it bob and sway I think of the other young girl who will get to feel sassy and pretty all because of Jamies gift. What a little hero! I hope you can hear my heart cheering for you!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 A Year of Blessing~

It has been such a blessed year. It has had some sadness too, losing people we loved and watching those around us go through so much pain.But I can say with full confidence that God is always faithful! He wraps His mighty arms around us and carries us when needed. And He provides friends and family who help make all things bearable.And we sure had many blessings! The wedding and joining of two great families,Chads fun(safe)trips,visits from family far away,Easter,Thanksgiving and Christmas with all our relatives,bonfires at the beach,fun girl time,book clubs, bunco games,countless sleepovers with Kensay&Clo,bridal showers,bachelor parties,a new beginning for Paul and his family,our jobs and our health(and as Kathy reminded me super fun Bonnie trips) There is just so much to be thankful for.I am grateful too for my blog, a way to stop and count the blessings and document this wonderful life.A BIG thank you to all who read it and encourage me to write,who continually inspire me with your love and creativity,and for the fun comments.Thank you!!I wish you all another year filled with wonder,love,giggles and Gods amazing grace