Monday, February 27, 2012

My cup runneth over

My mom used to always quote that scripture from Psalms 23 about her blessings and it sure came to mind this week with ALL of mine! I feel so undeserving of so much love and  support.  It seems like every day baby Carter and I get some fun surprise and you all know how much I LOVE surprises!
My sweet friend Marcia sent me the cutest long sleeve t shirt to wear to the hospital.
Picture doesn't do it justice, it is darling!!
She lives in Boston and to think of her going through all the trouble to have it made and shipping it  just  warms my heart. At least three times a week my heart says " why the heck is my friend so far away" I always had her right around the corner and  just assumed she always would be. But I know we will be neighbors again because God is sweet like that and He knows how much I miss her. 

I also met my moms group for our monthly dinner and when I walked in they were already seated and they had a big basket of goodies for YaYa Karen ~ They all wore blue shirts and surprised me with the sweetest gifts. Lots of books which I dream of reading to my sweet grandson.There was darling outfits,bibs and bath toys. I  feel so blessed that he will know such remarkable women and that they love him already like I do!   

We also got a darling high chair from our sweet neighbors across the street. They have three adorable kids and sent over their gently used chair for our guy!  I tell ya I feel like I am all set up and when the kids come they wont have to pack a thing! Such a blessing

From our dear friends in Seattle they sent such sweet home made booties and hats, and all kinds of sweet little gifts. We have known the Goulds forever and don't get to see them too often but how thoughtful of them to send a gift. It seems like yesterday they stopped by the house to meet Travis and we did the same with their sweet girls. I LOVE  having forever friends and love that they love our new sweet baby!

And Saturday I got to see my sweet Kaitlin! She was coming into town for a shower and stopped by for a visit at "home" She is the precious friend who lived with us for a sort time and forever cemented her place in our hearts as family! She knew my mom as YaYa and gets how overexcited I am to become a YaYa too. She not only brought over a sweet gift for the baby but beautiful flowers for me ! She is the sweetest girl and I loved our two hours of chatting and catching up!

Cutest card ever!! Saving it forever
Lastly I got  heartwarming cards from the darling kids on my block. They stop by often for a cookie or a treat from my candy jar. I keep it stocked just for them because they are such a ray of sunshine in my life. So they wrote me thank you notes that were absolutely precious! Such well mannered kids and they wanted me to know they love me.  Proof that even the smallest kindnesses can make your whole day .
So clearly you can see why I say  My cup runneth over!  So much love has poured out to our family and it has overflowed our hearts. Every kindness will always be remembered!
Wishing you all a week filled with love and blessings!
And I hope to be back with good news soon!   
Today is baby boy Carters due date 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Boy" oh "boy" Are we excited!

It wont be long now and our sweet babe will be here!Ashlyn is making progress and today the Dr could feel his little head. We are sitting on our phones and jump every time I hear either of their ring tones. The excitement is truly overwhelming and I feel so much joy!
These are the people left in our baby poll so I thought I would do a quick update!
Please join my heart in prayer for a safe, quick, delivery
  • Sandy                    Feb 19      7-13
  • Travis                      Feb 23     8-5
  • Lindsay                  Mar 7     7-1
  • Ken                         Mar 1      7-3
  • Chad                      Feb 1       7-7
  • Mary                       Feb 25   6-0
  • Kim                          Mar 6    7-3
  • Jodi                         Feb 17   8-14
  • Caren                     Feb 29  7-11
  • Paul                         Feb 19  6-8
  • Jared                      Mar 3  7-5
  • Koby                       Feb 22 6-8
  • Emily                       Feb 25 8-8
  • Kimberly                Mar 3  8-0
  • Nancy Little          Feb 24 7-11 
  • Grandma Sarah   Feb 24 8-13  
  • Alicia                      Feb 20  7-3 
  • Amy M                   Feb 21   7-2  
  • Grandpa D           Feb 29  8-2
  • Chris H                  Feb 22  10-2
  • Maria                      Mar 5    7-12 
  • Barbie                    Feb 26  7-11
Much love....YaYa Karen~  

    Sunday, February 12, 2012


    Outside my Window
    It's pretty cold and overcast today... 

    I am thinking
    About Whitney Houston~ What a sad life hers had become and how far she had gotten away from her church and faith. Her ex husband performed last night , the very night of her death and I couldn't help but grieve for their daughter. As a parent I cant imagine not being with my daughter in a time of such sorrow and justifying putting on a concert. His absence really shows how screwed up peoples lives can become. I will always remember her singing the National Anthem and Jesus loves me. Her voice was angelic and I pray she is in heaven now and at peace 
    I am thankful for
    My church, my faith, my husband and friends who keep me in check. I am also thankful for updates from Kenny and Lindsay while they are on a missions trip to Cambodia! They have been gone a week and a half and I miss them so much! But I know God is using them mightily! 

    From the kitchen
    Just made Pioneer Woman's oatmeal bars { delicious click here for the  recipe } and a quiche for dinner

    I am wearing
    Still in my nicer church clothes but am changing fast into sweats to take the pup for a walk

    I am reading
    Molokai, what a great story so far! My book club just finished " War Horse" and that was really good too

    I am hoping
    For safe, fun travels for Chad! He leaves tonight for Costa Rica on his three week surf trip and my heart always worries. Just him, his backpack and his surf board. I would so appreciate your prayers for him

    I am creating
    My thank you notes to my sweet friends and maybe a Valentine craft or two

    I am hearing
    The sounds of the kids next door, my washing machine , and golf in the background on TV

    Around the house
    I am washing sheets and working on my menu for Bunco at my house next week. I also am putting away our new "baby gifts"  and boy that's fun!!    

    One of my favorite things
    My new "Clarsonic" I treated myself to this with my Nordstrom gift cards and I LOVE it! My skin feels so soft and clean 

    Well that's what is going on in my corner of the world today!
    How about you? I would LOVE to hear!        
    Hope your day is filled with love and giggles!

    Sunday, February 5, 2012


    My sweet friends threw me a "YaYa" shower! I thought I was meeting a friend for lunch at Panera and walked into this fun surprise! Trish had gathered my dear friends for a day of celebration!  
    And baby Carter and I were the guests of honor
    I cant remember ever being so caught off guard  and completely surprised! 
    It was the BEST day!!  { I only wish I had known so I could have dressed up a bit more. I am a wreck and even more so after crying my eyes out! But the best thing about friends is that they love you just as you are}
    I am still beaming with joy after spending such a lovely afternoon with such lovely ladies!
    So thoughtful and generous to our baby boy on the way!
    He was spoiled  rotten and now my house has so many.....
    little,cozy,cute,yummy smelling, darling things
    White cake with white frosting of course

    I love you friends so much and we thank you from  the bottom of our hearts!
    Your love and sweet friendship means the world to me and I am so thankful my grandson will hear the stories of such amazing women who loved him before he was born !

    Wednesday, February 1, 2012

    February Love

    I love February!! 
    It has always been one of my very favorite months. I will never forget my daddy driving up on Valentines day with a special treat just for me! He always remembered his favorite girl and I always beamed with love and pride knowing he thought of me and loved me so much 
    I always loved watching the boys spill out all their cards on the floor feeling so loved with their paper bags overflowing with sweet sentiments from school friends
    Showing our love to others is always a blessing and you gotta love a month who celebrates it
    But this February is going to be the MOST special one yet because it's  the month we have been dreaming of
    Our Grandson will be arriving ! 
    Talk about LOVE!! 
    Funny how much love is overflowing for this little guy and we have not yet gazed upon his sweet face. I can already feel his sweet fingers in mine and I pray for him every single day !
    I LOVE seeing Travis and Ashlyn getting ready for his arrival. They have taken their classes, created the sweetest nursery  and prepared their hearts for this sweet little babe
    God is so good and I thank Him so much for all the blessings he has given to our family.
    So many things I love this February....
    steve and my boys.ashlyn being the sweetest daughter I could dream of. great friends. the sweet pup brody who is such a constant loyal companion. memories of amazing parents who loved us so sweet brothers and their amazing books that take me away.conversation orange home. random texts that say i love you.fireplaces and blankets.greek yogurt.laughing
    And to you my readers, Thank you for loving my blog enough to stop by
    Wishing you love over flowing this February!!