Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Six...Things for which I am grateful!

Another beautiful week with spring in the air and blessings galore. And once again I pause to say thank you to a faithful, loving God for ALL things. But here are six to share...

1-My friend Nancy and I met went out for lunch and had such a fun time! We have a new shopping and eating area at our mall and it is just gorgeous. It feels like downtown disney with cute little streets and darling shops. T town is so grown up now. We have a Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, and Sephora. We had such a good time eating outside,chatting and then window shopping the afternoon away. Celebrating her birthday was overdue but worth the wait! Lets go again soon.

2-I have been overwhelmed with gratitude for Steve lately. I always appreciate him, but I realize it more and more. Through all the changes , the passing of my parents, the kids growing up and moving away,and the natural ebb and flow of life. There is one constant and it's him. I know the Lord is truly the only keeper of my heart, but here on earth He blessed me with the best companion and friend ever. The empty nest has always been hard for me to adjust to but thankfully I have a super fun roommate!

3-Another fun surprise from David. That silly boy spends too much time and money sending his sista little love gifts. (but I love it) We were reminiscing about a BBQ place that our Dad would always take us too. And we would be so excited to pick a soda bottle from the chest filled with ice. Soda was such a special treat to us! So Dave sent me a bottle of "Bubble Up" and a Chico Stick. Two of my favorite things when I a little girl. How sweet is he?? In the words of my YaYa who spoke very little english but she always said to him, "Davey you are such a goody boythy"

4-The 'Chateau Le Carter' is shaping up for our guests. Steve and I have been busy getting things ready. With Chad gone we now have two guest rooms. (although one is much cuter than the other) They have fresh sheets and towels, water bottles and mints on the beds, and fun little lotions and soaps. Saturday I will get fresh flowers, and a good magazine and we will be open for business! Dave Sandy and Sara arrive Monday and we are just a wee bit excited!

5-The honesty of good friends. When Brian was here he mentioned how cute the house looked, and said "with all the crown molding and nice updating you've done I cant believe you still have that same old ugly kitchen light" Now seriously I love when people say things like that. That darn light has bugged me for so long but I never could find one that I liked to replace it. Well you can bet after he left it became priority one. So Steve installed a pretty new one and I wonder why I lived with that ugly one for so long.

6-As I was writing the sixth thing that I am grateful for,I deleted it and changed it to this! Kenny and Lindsay called and are on their way out. So I am going to make a pot of lentil soup, some fresh bread, and a nice salad. Guess our chores on the house can wait a bit....
This will be way more fun!

Wishing you all a week full of love and giggles. Kisses Karen~

Friday, March 27, 2009

Promise me you'll pluck my eyebrows...

I found myself saying this to Steve the other day in absolute earnest. I dont know how much worse it can get. I used to sit on my counter and tweeze my brows real quick while putting on my make-up. Then I couldn't see them very well so I got a 3x magnifying mirror. Then the light wasn't good enough in the bathroom so I had to take the mirror down to my kitchen table and sit by my sliding door(with my big dining room light overhead ) But after glancing one day in a lighted mirror at Bed Bath and Beyond I realized that apparently wasn't working so well either. Where did these stray hairs come from? and is that a hair on my chin? So I left the store that day with a 9x magnifying mirror which seemed to be great. Just yesterday I actually took that mirror into the backyard and sat in the natural light so I could see what's really up.
So I ask you what's next?
A miners light strapped to my head with a mirror attached ? And this is all just 'upkeep' between my appointments with Kami who waxes and shapes my brows every month. So I obviously needed a firm commitment that Steve is up to the job in case my arm is in a cast or something. So I am trusting you girls to make sure if I get hurt or when I am old, he's living up to his end of the bargain and I don't become a big Greek unibrow. I'm thinking I may even teach him how to give a few highlights. Kinda my own personal emergency plan.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just thinking....

Some days I don't have anything specific to blog about, but have SO much on my mind.
So I sit still.... and my thoughts pour out. Random and real as they are

*I miss Chloe! We used to talk about our favorite song that day, what purple pen we liked, reality TV shows,Bonnie Hunt and who has the best fountain diet coke. Please hurry home! There is a Chloe sized hole in my heart these days. Your Thia loves you......

*Dannon "light & fit" Blackberry yogurt is the bomb.

*Travis and Ashlyn's sweet friends had the cutest baby girl "Addilyn" this week. I keep opening the photos and just staring at her. She is sooo darling and they are just the cutest little family. There is nothing sweeter than a new baby straight from the lap of a loving God.

*Speaking of Ashlyn, this sweet daughter of mine is so precious. She sent Steve and I the kindest email this week and I will keep it forever. She has the craziest week with her events but in the midst of all she does, she took time out to write us a darling note. Just another thing I adore about her. She truly has become the daughter I have always prayed for.

*My house is too clean and too quiet without Chad

*The very best way to clean the microwave is to put a bowl of water inside and turn on for 5 minutes. Let it sit and steam, and then wipe it clean.

*I only use black pens in my checkbook. Weird but I really dislike blue ink.

*The people at work make fun of me because I wont buy my stamps there. We only sell the 'bells' and they are so ugly. So I drive to the post office to get cute love ones.My mom was the same way,she would NOT mail a Christmas card without Christmas stamps.(and she would very carefully pick out her favorite design) So I blame it on my upbringing.

What's on your mind today? Drop a line in my comments . I would love to know...
Smiles and hugs Karen

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sunday Six...Things for which I am grateful

I have so much to be thankful for this week. We are truly blessed ...

1- I am thankful for my new computer! I know it seems silly but I realized this last week how much it keeps me in contact with the people I love. My new one is so easy to use and fast as a rocket! I love apples, apple pie, apple cider, apple martinis and now my APPLE ♥computer.

2- I am thankful for the "realness" of family. It is so good to have that loving perspective in this crazy life. The bible says "as iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another" and that is how it is with my brothers and their wives. We can be so honest and real with one another and always feel safe. It is such a comfort for us all to have each other to bounce things off and get honest criticism or perspective. It is something I welcome and cherish.

3- My dear friend Brian surprised me with a pop in. Chad was out washing his car and said I had a friend here. In came Brian, his wife and darling little boy. They live in Texas now so it was a huge surprise. We had the BEST time laughing and getting caught up. He is a long time Albertsons guy and we had such a blast when we worked together.He always made work so much more fun. His sweet little boy told me I was nice, and I said "no Cameron auntie is skinny and pretty" So he kept saying it over and over.(love that smart perceptive little guy haha) I love your family and hope you come back soon !

4- The Donatellis are coming for EASTER! We are so excited to have our "new" family here for the day with the Greeks. With David and his family flying in , we will have quite the crowd. Holidays have always been such a precious memory for me with my moms family and they are all so excited to have the Dono's coming to join us.I just hope Ashlyn's family is ready for the barrage of love (and questions)

5- I got more videos from Costco of old home movies. It is so fun to see clips of what sometimes feels like a lifetime ago. My kids were so stinkin cute , and it makes me so happy to have these moments captured. Which is partly why I blog, to capture these days for them to always remember. I have footage of Dave and Paul in what can only be explained as a Battleship WAR. Yes folks the board game, but not to these two grown men. It was so fierce! So you can bet this little sister will be showing them the video and then setting up the game at Easter to let them rematch. Battleship is now on my 'to buy' list.(Dave since you read my blog no practicing!)

6-EVERYTHING in T town is in bloom! Driving up the street to my house are those beautiful white trees filled with flowers. They are so full it looks like trees with snow. Amazing~ And even the flowers my sweet Tietta planted before the wedding are coming back and blooming in full swing. I am thankful to live in such a pretty area, and for a mom that taught me to admire the fall foliage and spring blooms.

Wishing you all a wonderful week filled with love, joy, family, friends, and giggles

Friday, March 20, 2009

Memory Lane~

Just kidding....but he made me smile today ♥

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

But I'm a good witch...

I don't know what's been wrong with me the last couple days but I have been a crab apple. Chad sweetly told me last night "mom maybe you shouldn't try hooking up a computer when you are in one of these moods" The poor kid at Best Buy looked kinda scared when I came back for the third time after he convinced me that he had sold me the right adapter. First of all words like adapter,cables, and ports stress me out BIG time! But in this situation I was right and the 'best buy brat' was being stubborn. By the third trip at 8:30 pm. I had taken off my makeup and am sure I looked like "throw momma from the train" You know you're email addicted when you go to Best Buy without makeup.
But now I have calmed down and my computer is up and working great.So perhaps I am on the mend? Steve please come home tonight,I will be sweet and I even cooked dinner. I promise there will be no more tuna sandwiches flying your way after a long day at work.I gave myself a "time out" and slept for an hour after work. I love you and the coast is clear.....

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'll be back....with a mac

After what feels like a long wait I am getting a "MAC" and I couldnt be more excited! I have been saving for a new tower and the time has come. But with my new computer at the apple store being loaded with all my old photos and music I am without mine for a few days. So this week no Sunday Six...just a quick update to say I can hardly wait to be back in touch with you all. Hope your week is filled with love, joy and Gods amazing grace...

Friday, March 13, 2009


I just got a nice invite to a party! And you know how much this girl LOVES a party! There is not much I would rather do than sit around with a bunch of girls,chatting and laughing. I'm sure there will be fun drinks and yummy food. And it's hosted by my fellow book babe Kathy. And those girls are always a blast!
But here is the problem....and its a big one...
Its a "Scrap Booking"party. Ohhhh good Lord. Just typing it makes my heart race and my palms sweat. I get all claustrophobic and I just want to run! I'm a fairly crafty girl. I made my share of "mop dolls" back in the day. I enjoy browsing through Michael's for ideas and am dying to start crocheting again. But these scrappers are a breed of their own. I went to a party once and one of the girls came with a rolling cart filled with photos and she calmly told me that she has organized them all by years and threw away the duplicates. She was "caught up" to 1999. And she was serious! I'm actually ashamed to admit this,but I was a little mad at her.I might have even mumbled some unkind things under my breath about all her cute little pages,hole punches and supplies. I thought back to all my darling photo boxes filled with pictures. I have some in the den, some in the living room and now most are on my computer and not printed at all. I have duplicates and all the rejects where someones nostrils are flaring or my boys are jumping with bunny ears behind the subject.I so admire people who do this. All their photos are in darling books with stickers and notes. I bet when their sons get married they dont have to guess what age they are in some of the pictures. But I have to say its just not me....Going into one of these stores is like going with Steve to Hanks Hardware. I get all fidgety,bug him for quarters for a soda out of the vending machine and really just want to cry. So thank you so much for thinking of me, I would love to have another night on the calendar to hang with you girls. But I am afraid I cant....I have to know my limits and a rash is starting to itch just thinking about it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Here's to the friends who became family...

Have I told you lately how much I love my BUNCO Buddies? Well I do!! We have had the same group since our kids were little and the friendships only get sweeter! I made a book at Christmas time with old photos through the years(almost 17) and it warmed my heart to see how much we have all grown up together. There was a quote I added that sums it up. "Friends are like the pillars on your porch. Sometimes they hold you up and sometimes they lean on you" How lucky I am so have these fabulous pillars! For every important phase of our life we have had each other.I will never forget at my moms funeral when I looked up and saw the sweet faces of my bunco buddies. They had drove all that way to give love & support.We have been through a lot together and have learned that unconditional love and friendship is a precious gift in this life. I know we are 'older' but it's as though someone forgot to tell us?? We have slumber parties, we dance like teenagers and giggle way more than we should for ladies our age. I am truly blessed!
It was Katie's turn to host Bunco this month and she did so at their wine bar. We had a BLAST! Dan was our amazing host pouring each of us fabulous wines to try.Katie had terrific appetizers,cute decor and cupcakes for dessert (I think she reads my blog) And adding to the fun is that our kids are old enough now to join in the fun! Sweet Bridget is pictured below...
And Alex is on leave from his Navy tour so he stopped by for a dance with his mom...
They had live music and closed the shop for just us girls. We danced and laughed the night away. What a fun night and a big thank you to our wonderful hosts. It's my turn next month and they're a tough act to follow.Steve you need to tune your guitar and we better find my tambourine?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile

Another week to pause and say Thank You for the joys of the week. The big and small things...
I'm living life with an attitude of gratitude. Because God has been SO good to us!

1- Chad is moving back to San Diego as his life guard job will start up again. After living 3 years with Travis and all those terrific guys its time for him to move into a new place with new experiences. There are a couple options opening up and we are praying for the Lord to guide and provide the perfect place for him.

2-As I was writing that, the tears started flowing down my face! Man I am going to miss that kid. What a joy it has been having him home for 3 months and how lucky I am to have the kind of kids that make my heart ache when they are not nearby. He brings so much joy when he is around and we are really going to miss him. But Travis was thrilled knowing his best friend is going to be back in town!

3-We have had the prettiest days here in T Town. Big white puffy clouds, crisp air and sunshine. Yesterday at the farmers market I bought the most beautiful sweet strawberries! And when Kenny and Lindsay came I served them with my fabulous fruit dip. So yummy and it makes me feel like Spring is on its way.

4-Walmart has the yummiest candles! They smell delicious, and are super cheap. My favorite part is that they come in darling little ironstone containers.So after the candle was gone I cleaned it out and put some fresh flowers in it.So cute and super cheap....
5-I got a fun surprise on my porch Friday.The work parties seem to always be on Fridays which is my day off. They try to lure me to stop by for pizza and fun, but I just cant bring myself to go there on my day off. So this week they brought out the big guns. White cupcakes!! Trays of them. And they sent a picture of them to my phone to let me now what I was missing.I love you all but am still not coming by on my day off. So my sweet friend Trish smuggled a couple and dropped these on my porch...I love surprises,I love cupcakes and I love her for thinking of me! I only ate 1/2 (the top half with all the frosting)
6-I am thankful for the little life lessons. This morning as I was washing and filling my hummingbird feeder I thought of my Thia Kay. One day she was over when I was trying to scrub the inside of my very tall feeder.So she taught me the trick of putting some rice in it. Then you add water and shake. By works like a little scrubber. And years later every time I clean it I think of her.I am so thankful for the memories of people who shape out lives in such unique special ways. I wonder what little things my kids or friends will remember me for years down the road?

Wishing you all a sweet week filled with love, joy and peace!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Just Thinking....

I have nothing to post about today but was in the mood to write...

Diet Orange Crush is amazing. With lots of ice and a straw of course! r.e.f.r.e.s.h.i.n.g.

I bought "The Wisdom of Menopause" from Costco.I felt way too young to have it in my cart. But the hot flashes,sleepless nights,moodiness, Yep it's all here so I could sure use a little wisdom.

My friend Kathy had the funniest blog title. "I wish my birthday suit would shrink in the dryer"It made me laugh this morning and I was thinking I would be willing to tumble on high for 20 minutes if it would do the trick. Thanks for the smile friend. (and great idea to throw in a bounce sheet to get rid of my wrinkles)

I had a strawberry lemon drop martini last night.How yummy that little treat was.Even better was the gathering of friends chatting and having fun.

I bought the cutest little pink camera case from eBay. $4.29 and free shipping. I love it!
I love the smell of Gain laundry soap. When I am doing laundry the smells make me happy even though the piles don't.

My friend Jeremy(Mekennas daddy) brought me a piece of Knotts Berry Farm Pie yesterday. I thought that was Berry sweet of him. We used to love to go there for chicken dinner when we were kids!

I dropped off eight old videos at Costco yesterday. Cant wait to find out whats on them!

I sent Travis a note in the mail. And as I did I tucked a dollar inside. I suddenly flashed back to how many letters my mom would send us and every time she would put a dollar inside. Sometimes she would write 'go have a ice cream cone on me' or 'treat yourself to a candy today' A dollar will never change anyone's life but what a sweet gesture and a lasting memory that feels like a hug.

Wishing you all a fun weekend. Filled with love,joy and giggles............

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I survived a Plastectomy!

And it wasn't pretty....

Steve decided in this troubled economy the best thing to do is,Save all we can for a rainy day and be totally debt free! I prepare for rainy days by making sure if I ever need a dryer or fridge I have plenty of credit available to buy those items. This is a road we have walked down before and I'm afraid to admit I seem to learn things the hard way. I listen to financial guys,have a NO DEBT sticker on my bulletin board and I have taught my kids the perils of credit cards. They have never rolled over a balance and I am so proud of them for that.But I have used mine for emergencies,and the hubby seems to think I have a few too many emergencies. When things are on sale "I simply cant afford not to buy them" And my sweet husband pays the bills and sighs. And it's time for me to grow up! So Sunday after another long ,calm talk I took out my wallet and turned over all my cards. Thankfully most had zero balances and had not even been activated. But They don't belong in my wallet. We cut them into pieces and I have to say I feel good! I have my debit card and one credit card"for emergencies"(or for highlights,some things are simply non negotiable) The remainder are long gone. And I am humbly going to be obedient to the Lord and to Steve in this area. We both desire to help others when needed, live more simply, build our rainy day fund and be better stewards of ALL that God has given us. I am 39 and I still have growing pains learning how to be a responsible adult. But it's all good stuff, and by golly I am gonna learn.

OK...I'm not 39.........b.a.b.y. s.t.e.p.s. out of my denial

On a side note ~One of my heros is Dave Ramsey. He is a Godly financial advisor and I listen to him often on the radio. So my brother Dave arranged for me to meet him when I was in Tennessee.What a thrill! He is so knowledgeable about how to live 'well' without debt. Bet he's proud of me!