Saturday, September 24, 2011

Boy or Girl?

Two weeks from today we will know the answer! The kids are having a reveal party and we will all find out together. I'm so excited I can hardly stand the suspense ! My sweet daughter in law is really beginning to "pop" and you can finally tell she is expecting.Here is the latest pic of her darling little tummy.......

I cant wait to see its little lips and toes, and snuggle with that sweet babe ! It seems lately it's all I ever think about. God is good and we are daily thanking Him for this new gift .
There is simply nothing sweeter than a new baby straight from the lap of God... 

It's going to be a wonderful February!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Counting my blessings...

Today is such a special day and it has been the sweetest week. So many lovely surprises and a new serendipity almost every day.
Today is my 49th birthday and my 29th wedding anniversary. I woke up to this sweet message on my Facebook, and I couldn't help but smile because he really does LOVE ME! 
"29 years ago I woke up nervous & excited about how my future was going to be and after all these years I truly see how blessed I've been to share most of my life with you!! My best friend, love of my life, and the best Mom ever! I love you, Happy Birthday too!!!!"
I am so blessed to "love and be loved" for so long with this kind hearted  hubby of mine. We cant believe it's been that long?? But we look forward to another 29 years! 

Some other fun blessings this week .....

*Saturday we were able to spend the day with our boys! Fixing up Chads room, playing with the pups, and then dinner at Phil's  for yummy BBQ. We couldn't remember when it was just us 4 Carters and we sure missed Ashlyn who was in Montana creating wedding day magic for a lucky bride with "Carter and Cook" 

*I got my first piece of mail { a fun birthday card from my dear friend Vickie} addressed to
YaYa  !! 

It was so fun and I am really beginning to love my new title! The day I told my dear friend Anne about the kids expecting, she literally arrived at my house 10 minutes later with this cute sign. She has had it for years and has been waiting until she could give it to me!
Sooo cute and it's on my mantel so every time I see it I smile {and dream} 

*My sweet friend Ashley made me the cutest gold box! She has read my blog and knows how many times I find those sweet dimes from my Momma in heaven. So she made me this darling box which says
" Fill this up with dimes that gleam, for every one is a kiss from me"
And she put two little dimes inside to start my collection. Of course I cried when I saw it ! What a thoughtful, sweet gift and I just love her for thinking of me in such a tender way. I never shared with my blog buddies when I found my last dime. We were in the airport  coming home from Alaska and I watched the video surprise Ashlyn made for her family telling them the news of the baby coming. Of course I teared up so I reached into my purse to get a tissue and there was a dime INSIDE the tissues! Not a penny, not a nickel, a dime!!

I was so glad the kids were right there with me to witness it. So now as I get those sweet dimes I have a special place to keep them!  
Thank you Ashley!! 
I love it and I love you~ 

*This was also the week of Travis award luncheon, so Carter and I attended and beamed through the whole thing with pride! We are so excited for him and who he has become. It was such a special honor and blessing. 

Wow, we have cute kids!

So even though the years are going way too fast, I am thankful for each and everyday I spend with those I love! If God never blessed me with another thing,  I have more joy than I could ever dream of and certainly more than I ever deserve!

So as I count my blessings, I count each of you as well !
You all have added so much love and joy to my life! 
And all these blessings of mine, they out number the sands of the sea.....

Saturday, September 10, 2011


I have to say it was one of the highlights of the trip and probably one of my "top ten" life moments.
Once you step off the first time  and conquer the fear it becomes such a feeling of freedom and pure fun! And of course being all together made it even more exciting. We missed Ashlyn so much but treated her to a massage and facial on the ship! We had to keep that precious grand baby of ours tucked safely away!
We knew the zip line was going to be amazing and it did not disappoint. I can hardly wait to go back! We did 11 zips and one was so far that we couldn't even see the landing when we left the post. It was daunting just standing on the posts 100 feet up in the air. My sweet sis Sandy held onto that tree so tight we teased her she was going to have bark marks on her face.  

Beautiful Waterfalls!
Happy Happy Dad
Our ride up the mountain in the "I mog"

And silly Dave always keeps us laughing.....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our Big Fat Greek Alaska Cruise~

It was a BLAST!!
Simply the best time we have ever had! It will be hard to describe the beauty and fun that was our life for those 8 days. But I am sure going to try!
Most everyone who has seen the photos has commented that we were always smiling!
And I have to agree....

We love to be together and have fun!

 Next up.....

The ahhhhmazing excursions!