Monday, September 22, 2008

Here's Bonnie~

I have a new favorite!! "The Bonnie Hunt Show" This lady is so darn cute and I just adore her! I have always been a fan and loved her in my favorite movie "Return To Me" She is so girl next door and you feel like she could be your best friend.I was anxiously awaiting her talk show and have been taping it every day since. Love her! She often reminds me of things in my own childhood.She is a huge Dean Martin fan(me too, grew up watching him with my mom)Seems like everyday she shares something from her childhood that takes me back to mine. I remember wearing dickies under my shirts and dresses,the pink flamingos in peoples front yards,and the large family fighting for attention.Her family stories are so funny.She also reminds me of my friend Katie.Same cute hair,bubbly personality and accent.One problem though since I've been watching..I now talk with a Chicago accent? And I have never even been there? Of course my mini-me Chloe loves her too! She found out that she visits people who are sick so we are trying to come up a disease so we can meet her for lunch!(something easily cured or not easily diagnosed) Today I googled to see how close in age we are,and found she is one year older than me. Also found out its her birthday..So Happy Birthday Bonnie! Thanks for being such a fun spot in my day.


cougarnana said...

I can't believe this...Return to Me is my very favorite movie...ask anyone in my family!! I also really like Bonnie Hunt, maybe not as much as you, but I do really like her. I thought she was darling in Return to Me but I especially loved Jim Belushi's part. See we really are kindred spirits!

Chloe Krikac said...

LOVE HER! I am so glad that you are an avid watcher too. I feel like I am best friends with her even though we have never met! She has officially been added to the list of celebs that we will one day do lunch with. :) I can feel it, it's coming soon! Love this post, and I love you tons!