Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile

Another Sunday when I can stop and thank God for the little moments that brought me joy this week... With a grateful heart I say" Thank you"

1-A text from Chad Saturday night at 9pm that said "I love you Mom, Good night" How many boys of 22 would think of their moms like that. So precious...I will save it always

2- A fun mid week BBQ at the Berg's for Lindsay's 21st birthday. How cool that she invited us old folks to come and join the fun. We love you Lindsay! It was great to be with you and all your wonderful friends to celebrate.You have become an remarkable young lady.(It's no surprise because you have such an amazing family)
3- McDonald's Sugar Free Iced Vanilla Coffee's- I am completely addicted and had one almost every day this week. I will try to not list these every week as a thing of joy but I just LOVE them so much! A must try...

4- RSVP updates from Ashlyn..I get so excited to see who will be able to share such a special day with us.

5- Good news for my precious friend Janice. Everyone has really been praying for her and it looks like her diagnosis will be so much better than anticipated. Thank you Lord!!

6- My friend Anne who always gets me in trouble for laughing made me wet my pants in the Trader Joe's parking lot. I had text her for something and her reply was so darn funny I could not stop laughing. (although it was quite embarrassing because I was completely alone ) We are the same two who once had to leave a women's ministry meeting because we had the giggles so bad. We are big trouble when we are together or even if we drive up next to each other at a red light. More than once mayhem has ensued. But there is just nothing better than a good belly laugh.

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