Sunday, August 3, 2008

Another Shower of Blessing!

Ashlyn was the guest of honor at a beautiful shower hosted by her precious friends. The day was filled with laughter,joy,games,wonderful gifts and lots of giggles and fun. She has the sweetest friends! Ashlyn is a "girlfriends" kind of girl and she treasures each and every friendship.Her friends will love & support her in this wonderful new phase of married life. And I know that's the very best gift of all!
It was a sweet day and I was so blessed to be there.
She truly deserves these showers of love.....


Ashlyn Donatelli said...

So cute! What an awesome shower it was :) Thanks for the adorable Carter bag. Love it so much!

cougarnana said...

This was a beautiful shower, beautiful setting, beautiful girls, beautiful table, beautiful bride and beautiful moms!! Everything looked so lovely, I blew the pictures up as big as my screen and looked at every detail, I loved it all!! Enjoy every minute, it's over way too fast!