Monday, August 4, 2008

When I get nervous....

When I get nervous I tend to really talk-talk-talk.I have always been that way. They say children's toys have no impact on how a child turns out.It's fine for boys to play with dolls etc.But I was raised with two things that impacted me greatly! A Chatty Cathy doll and the Candyland game. Maybe I grew up thinking it was cute to be chatty? I know I sure loved mine.I pulled that string all day long.And I have been chatty ever since! And that darn Candyland game made me love sweets.I truly think had I not played it I wouldn't dream of gum drops and cup-cakes.Then I realized this morning that with this new outlet I not only talk-talk-talk when I am nervous, now I blog-blog-blog! Are you all on blog overload?? It's as if I just need to vent out my thoughts so I don't burst! Four posts in 2 days? Maybe a little warning to stay away for a few days. And all this chatty will pass? I only hope they don't come out with a new "Bloggy Betty" doll. I don't want this next generation to be at risk like me. Well off to lunch and shopping with my friend Sandy. Pray for her! I will probably talk her ear off and plum wear her out.


Chloe Krikac said...

Haha, oh please I love your chats! This is precisely why I visit your blog daily! :) And if they came out with a bloggy betty doll, I'd be all over it.

P.S. I like this theory of candyland... it was my favorite game as a kid too. Perhaps now I can save some money on therapy and credit the board game for my cupcake loving, candy adoring life! :)

cougarnana said...

Gee, I was gone from my computer for a few minutes because I burnt my about being on blogging overload....I'm not, I'm not, I'm not!!!