Friday, August 22, 2008

A big Thank You to a perfect stranger

I am so impressed by good customer service.And I am most thankful for the great people at Dillard's for saving me today.I had found a couple dresses last weekend(number 11 and 12 for those who have lost count)and I had my heart set on one of them! I bought it in a missy even though it was a little snug.It was so pretty and I knew for sure I could lose 10 more pounds in the 3 weeks before the wedding.But there is nothing worse than being nervous with a dress that may not fit quite right.So ever since I have been trying to find one in a 14 Wide(I am never going to forget that one Sandy) After literally a hundred phone calls trying to track it down I found one in Chicago at the headquarters of Alex Evenings. But one problem they wouldn't sell to me because I am not a store.What??? So how do I get this dress? Nordstrom was not able to order it because they only carry it in a missy size.They were so sorry but just couldn't do it without the order number in the system.So yesterday I almost gave up.I went to the tailor to pick up my other dress from being tailored perfectly,showed her my new kinda snug one and asked if she could let it out a little bit and make it work.She wasn't sure she could match the satin part perfectly and it might end up looking botched.OK then,I will wear the tailored one even though I don't like it near as much.I will just pretend I had not even seen this one.So I grabbed my dress and headed for the door.As I was leaving my tailor said "I don't blame you honey the other one would be just perfect for you" Well that was all I needed.I went home and called 40 other stores.I called New York, New Mexico,and Kentucky knowing there are women there who are "wides".I have eaten at a Cracker Barrel in Louisville and trust me most of those ladies are not petites and missy's.Lastly I called Dillard's in Tennessee. They are always so sweet and helpful.And what did I hear? Sure,no problem! We can get you the LAST DRESS IN THAT SIZE from the Chicago Warehouse.So it's on the way! Fed-exed next day air!!And if it ends up being too big just return it even though it is a special order! Wow I could have kissed sweet Kathy who helped me on the phone.I will always have a fondness for this store because they go out of their way to help.She even ended the call with "Ya'll have a nice weddin now" And to that I say "Well thank you sweetie,Ya'll made this one happy momma of the groom" So tonight I will toast Kathy with some peach tea and say "cheers to people bein sweet"


cougarnana said...

What a great story!! I, too, just love good customer service. I'm so disappointed that Nordstrom didn't help you because I always think they are just the King of CS! I love the way they bring your bag around the counter and hand it to you. Well anyway, I'm so glad that Dillard's came through for you and I know you will be the Belle of the Ball in your new darling dress. I can't wait to see the pictures!

Chloe Krikac said...

Yay! That dress is positively exquisite and you are going to look like absolute perfection! :) I am so thrilled!