Sunday, August 17, 2008

So excited I can hardly sleep!

We have all really been praying that the kids find a perfect place for their first home. Ashlyn sent out a note earlier this week asking for prayer because they had found a great house but they were a little worried because there was so much interest in it.But God is so good!!! They had an interview today with the owner of this much desired house and they left with the keys!!! They will live in a great little place by the beach in Point Loma. It even has a yard with lemon and orange trees. They both sounded so excited about every detail! Travis sent a letter to the owner with information about who they are and why they wanted the house so badly.He included references of people in the area who know them well.He has so much pride in being a good provider and finding the perfect place for his precious new bride. It is so great to see this side of him, and even more precious that they both got down on their knees in this new home and said a prayer of thanks! Ashlyn,thanks for calling us so soon with all the details and sharing your great news.We cant wait to see it! We continue to pray Gods richest blessings on you both as you start your new life together(in just 26 more days) How fun it will be to come home from your honeymoon to your sweet little home just the 2 of you...A Family!


cougarnana said...

Such a sweet story and a very cute kitchen! Of course they will be blessed because they have faith that they will be. Miracles will come to them in many different forms, this is just one! Oh my gosh, is Travis left-handed?

Ashlyn Donatelli said...

That's a sweet post :) I love it and love you both for all your continued support. PTL!

cougarnana said...

I have to say a little more...I am so happy that you are so giddy and can't sleep at night over your upcoming wedding. Some members of my family thought I was just "over the top" during the time leading up to ours and it broke my heart a little. I'm better now but I was sad to be ridiculed for being so happy. Don't let anyone do that to you....just enjoy every minute and if it means staying awake at night to do that, then you DO IT!!