Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Tietta~

Today is my precious Sister in law Lindsay's birthday. And I just wanted to honor her in a small way with my blog. My life would not be complete without the amazing friendship and love of this sister of mine. She has been married to my brother Kenny for 25 years, and they are the perfect team. She is so nurturing and kind, and by far the most compassionate person I have ever known.Often when I call to tell her a story I can hear the tears start to flow before I even finish. If you feel something she feels it too, if you hurt she hurts too. And there is no one more fun to share your joy with because she rejoices right along with you.We are not allowed to sit with each other at the wedding because I am quite sure there has never been a time when we were together that we didn't choke up about something.She is such a tender heart...Only Lindsay would take a wild bird to the vet after blowing air into its lungs all the way there. And when the bird died she cried all day and felt terrible like she could have done more.She is one of a kind,& the truest friend you could ever have.We often tease her that she and Steve are really brother and sister.They are SO MUCH ALIKE it's scary. Nobody gets Steve like Lindsay and he feels the same way about her.So it only figures I would love them both so darn much. I found out when I called her to wish her a happy birthday that Steve had beat me to the punch and called her on his way to work.I didn't even remind him it was her birthday.He just knows like he would know my own.How blessed we all are to have her in our lives.Now everyone has faults and she has a BIG ONE.I probably shouldn't say it on her birthday but....She doesn't receive graciously at all! We have had literal fist fights over a restaurant check, and she plays really dirty! She will go to the "bathroom" and sneak and pay the bill. She cant be trusted at any time!! I once commented how good a lotion smelled and then found one in my car! One time I threw a glass of water at her outside Rosa's Cantina because she had slipped the lady her card and paid for our dinner.(I still contend she deserved it) You just cant out-give her on anything! And the few times I managed I had to be really sly and quick.I paid for her pedicure and felt so good about it. Only to find two days later,hidden in my bathroom a gift certificate for one for me. She is super stubborn in this way. But I am quite sure it's her only fault,and even her one fault is rooted in absolute kindness.About 15 years ago we met a lady named Tietta who shared my moms hospital room. She was this sweet, kind hearted,black lady who had us in stitches the whole time we were there. We just loved her name and it stuck. So we have been calling each other that ever since. So Happy Birthday to my Tietta!!! I couldn't love you more!!

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Chloe Krikac said...

What a beautiful tribute, I agree she is the best!!! Brought tears to my eyes... I LOVE YOU! :)