Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy August

I have always LOVED a new month!! It may seem odd but to me it always feels like a brand new start. I get to flip the page on my calendars and see new images and empty blocks of time.I even like paying the bills at the first of the month and feeling like I start out fresh. August is going to be a fun one!! Cause now I can say "The wedding is next month" "My son is getting married next month" Oh man that just made my heart race.I have to get busy!! I am shopping with my best friend Sandy Monday for my dress.She is going to be perfect for the job,she is brutally honest and has a great eye.I have firmed up the rehearsal dinner arrangements and made the hotel reservations for our out of town guests. We have a shower tomorrow for Ashlyn and a Paintball bachelor party for Travis next Saturday. Just have to buy all the food for those boys which may require a line of credit.Wow those empty blocks of time are filling up fast.But I am feeling like a kid at Christmas.The excitement is almost unbearable! Hopefully the adrenaline will help my metabolism so I no longer gain weight in my sleep! But for now I am jumping on my treadmill and passing on the carbs... Happy August!!

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cougarnana said...

YOU GO GIRL!! And if you find that magic metabolism pill will you pass one onto me? I'm so excited for you to get to live this marriage experience...I wish I could live ours over again. I just didn't pay close enough attention, so please don't make my mistake. Be sure to look around and notice every little detail, then you will beable to see it all in your mind's eye for some time after. WOW, NEXT MONTH!! How fun!