Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Caren and Kim !!

Today is a special day for two of my dear friends! As I was driving home from their birthday lunch I was thinking back on how many of these birthdays we have shared and how grateful I am for every single one. Mostly for having these amazing ladies in my life.We all met when our kids were in Kindergarten and have kept in close friendship ever since. We realized when the kids all graduated we missed seeing each other so we agreed to meet once a month for dinner and it has been a highlight of my month ever since.A time to catch up and find out what all the "kids" are doing.It is crazy to think we met at Back to School Nights & Little League games and here we are years later even better friends,the kids no longer home,and our talks are about weddings,menopause,and the heartfelt moments of life.Caren was the very first friend I ever met in Temecula. We met at the pool and became fast friends with boys the same age. We were both building our homes and we had so much to talk about.She is LITERALLY the nicest person you will ever meet.Even my kids will tell you that.In fact anyone in Temecula will tell you that.(now if Nancy Little lived here she would be BIG competition for that title) Caren watched the boys for me when they were small and Chad started going there twice a week when he was just four.He has great memories of being at her home playing with her kids, eating tuna sandwiches and always having so much fun!I feel like God knew I was going to need great friends here without my family near by and He hand picked the very best for me.Kim is so fun,with a heart of gold, has the greatest kids and always has the best stories to tell.We often tell her she needs to write a book! When she talks you swear she is making this stuff up but its all real and oh so funny. I am so thankful for the gift of your friendships and hope we are still lunching it up for years to come. Happy Birthday dear friends. I love you both!

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cougarnana said...

Such cute pictures and cute friends. Honestly, you have the best teeth which gives you just the best smile EVER! Thanks for the sweet compliment, you just think that because you haven't spent time with me in years but I loved it just the same! Keep smiling, it lights up the room!