Friday, August 8, 2008

Going Greek~

I have been such a busy girl today. Travis will be having his paintball bachelor party tomorrow and about 20 of his friends will need to be fed. Which is a joy to my heart for this "Greek Momma" Funny how you really do become your mother.I will never forget before Travis and his friend ran the LA marathon they spent the night with his YaYa and she literally used every pot and pan in her house to make those two boys food. And she was never happier!! I grew up with so many Greeks in my life and every occasion was all about the food.You could never make just a little, or even enough, you had to make plenty! So as Chad was telling me "Really Mom we will be fine with hamburgers and chips" my Greek heart was already making the grocery list. I spent the day making three trays of 5 layer dip,three batches of my killer potatoes,pasta salad,veggie trays,dill dip,snickerdoodles,baked beans,cut up all the stuff for the burgers, packed 20 lunches for paintballing, and then made the sausage and egg burritos for breakfast.Of course we will also serve muffins coffee and juice.I have baskets of candy bars to put out and lots of drinks, beer and water.It is a production like every gathering we have but I know my Mom would be proud of me making sure everyone has plenty to eat. Its just what we Greeks do....
My 3 favorite quotes below from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" were the ones about food because it rang so true to me.I can still hear my mom telling me to always keep a coffee cake in the freezer cause you might unexpectantly need something nice to serve. It was a busy fun day and just like my Mom and YaYa who cooked for those they loved, I found myself thinking I have never been happier!!
*Nice Greek girls are supposed to do three things in life: marry Greek boys, make Greek babies, and feed everyone... until the day we die.
*What do you mean he don't eat no meat? Oh, that's okay. I'll make lamb.
*Ian, are you hungry? Uh no, I already ate.... Okay, I make you something.

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cougarnana said...

Now THIS is Fun! That dress thing...forget about it!