Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile

Another Sunday and I can easily think of 6 little things that brought me joy this week.So with a grateful heart I say "Thank you"...Life is ordinary,and good

1- Barnes and Noble...I love to just hang out and browse books.It makes me feel smart and really pretty hip.

2- Fresh flowers! Beautiful pink roses off the bush Krissy gave me 2 years ago in memory of my Mom.

3- I am down 6 pounds...Yipee !

4- Had a long talk with my old friend Renee~ All through high school I was Agnes Goober and she was Eunice Burns.We drove our moms nuts with our fake New York accents.We did it so much it was hard to talk normal again. She is a doll and it was fun to kibitz and catch up.

5- A "Krikac" sleepover Friday night...jammies,good conversations,"night John boys" before going to bed and coffee talk in the morning.This girl still LOVES a good slumber party!

6- Three calls from Travis just to "talk" So happy knowing he still needs his Momma

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