Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile

We got home so late from our fun weekend away that I almost forgot my Sunday six. But thankfully I missed blogging so much that I couldn't wait to jump back in.
With a grateful heart I say thank you. Life is ordinary and good!
1- A weekend getaway with the hubby. We had the BEST time and surprise I got two more dresses! Also bought a pair of spanx, spanx sheer hose,and picked out some cute new shoes.

2- I stuck to my diet faithfully so I hopefully wont have to rely so heavily on the above mentioned spanx : )

3- Steve has not asked me once how much money I have spent on a single thing. He is so supportive and sweet.At the end of the day he just wants me to be happy. How blessed am I to have a husband who feels that way about me.

4- A sleepover with my friend Jeanette. She was in California visiting and she came for dinner and a sleepover. We had the best time! She has known me since we were kids and walked to Ramona elementary school together.There is something so precious about being with someone who really knows who you are and where you came from. Thanks for the giggles Jets, And come back soon!!

5- My work hours changed and now I can "sleep in" until 5 am. I am loving that!

6- A 4 hour lunch with the girls Tuesday. We met at Oscars for salad and the next thing we knew it was almost 6 pm. We laughed so hard that my face hurt.You girls just wait until your baby boys get married. And you become the the false eyelash, nylon wearing, girdle strapped,crying mother of the groom.( little inside joke there) You girls are cheaper than therapy and if everyone had friends like you in their life the world would be so much sweeter.

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cougarnana said...

What a wonderful week you deserve it. Have another!!!