Friday, October 3, 2008

Like my Momma would say...Honey put on a little lipstick and cheer up

Today was such a cruddy day! Everyone has a bad day now and then, and I try really hard to just write about the good stuff.(Just ask Chad)But sometimes you just have to vent.I spent the morning sorting through all my medical bills from my last kidney surgery. And man was it FRUSTRATING! How do people without medical insurance ever cope?I am usually so organized and pay things as they come in. But there were so many,and from so many different doctors.So I have just been putting them aside for "another day" Well today was "another day" I decided to wake up, make coffee,turn on my morning show,and start the calls. There was 3 just from the hospital alone? and they all had different acct numbers and different amounts due.I asked her how that can be...but never did get an explanation.Then the person who takes the Xrays, and the person who reads the Xrays are two separate bills.(of course they are)The lab work was $481.00 to check blood? Good Lord what is there to check? So I whipped out my debit card and started paying,all the while thinking "Where is my financial bailout" I am most grateful to be stone free and not in pain but gosh for the money I have spent I could have had some much needed work done!A tummy tuck, lipo, great new rack, maybe even a Brazilian butt lift.(does anyone even know what that is?)But I don't have a thing to show for it! So like every person should when faced with bills I am going to tighten my belt, ease up on the extras, pack my lunches for a while and pay them all off!! Now if only wall street and congress could operate in the same manner.Thanks for listening to me whine.I promise to be happy by my next blog post. Broke...but happy!


Abby said...

I love you Karen!

Anonymous said...

I could soooo relate to everything you said about all this surgery stuff...when Jim had his brain surgery last year we had bills coming out our ears. I had such a hard time keeping it all straight, all the doctors, all the tests, all the hospital charges. I think they purposely confuse you so finally you just give up and PAY!! Our insurance paid pretty well but even with that the cost was huge. It was all worth it though, so mostly I'm thankful.