Tuesday, October 7, 2008


"Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers" — Charles W. Eliott
I found this quote today and just loved it! I have always LOVED books!I love the way they smell, look and feel.I can remember sitting on my canopy bed in my yellow room with a charms sucker reading "Henry and Beezus" books. I loved the Boxcar Children, James and the Giant Peach,Little House On The Prairie,and Anne of Green Gables. There are so many books tied to my childhood.And I can close my eyes and remember myself at a young age escaping into the stories.I remember the excitement I felt at book fair night coming home with new books and feeling so happy! My friend Janet and I would climb up into the McLaughlin's tree and read.I don't remember why we did that,but we did it often.We could spend hours reading together and not speaking a word.I love when someone calls and says "I thought of you when I read this book and you have to read it" My friend Dori brought one to the wedding from Colorado for me to read because she loved it so much.Dave shipped me one from Tennessee because he and Sandy loved it.Chloe has become quite the reader too and we often share books.I even have customers who recommend books.Those are the best kind of books because those people know you and want to share a good find.In fact that's how I joined my book club because Nancy would come into the store and we would talk about books.So she invited me to one of their meetings and I have gone ever since.I still always thank her for inviting me because they have become great friends,and have been such a source of joy in my life.And I have read things I might not have ever picked on my own.So if you have a favorite book let me know so I can read it too....And if it's been a while since you picked one up,find a good one and snuggle in.It is truly one of life's greatest treasures.


Anonymous said...

Great inspired me to look for a new book to read. I like reading too, not as much as you however, but it's a fun diversion. Unfortunately, I only really enjoy it when everything else is done and that hardly ever is the case. On a plane is the best time to read, it helps me keep my mind off the fact that I am 33,000 miles above the earth...Yikes!!

russhydefamily said...

Karen- you need to list the titles of some of your good reads! I love to read... but only if I've heard the book is good from someone else. You'll have to plst some of your favorites for me to check out.