Friday, October 24, 2008

Parents say the darndest things.....

My brothers and I were recently talking about how many things will pop into our head that we learned from our parents. Nothing really profound just the everyday lessons that have stuck. I was returning some tupperware containers to a girl at work, and could almost hear my Mom saying "Honey don't ever return a dish or plate empty" So of course I will fill it with some treats first. Those little nuggets that replay in our hearts. My Dad would always say when he went to visit someone that he was stopping by to "shout his howdies" I am thankful for being able to recall the little things lived out and said by my amazing parents.I just don't want to ever forget them. And in case I didn't teach them enough to my own boys here's a few...

*Park by the light and come out with the crowd
*Always serve a roll.( No matter what they might have had at a dinner my mom would always mention the roll,or lack thereof)
*Bring back lots of beautiful memories
*Dont compare yourself to others-it will make you either vain or bitter
*You kids stop those shenanigans! (What exactly are shenanigans)
*Honey you just need a little protein
*Write a thank you note
*Be sure to fight nice
*Just put on a little lipstick...It brightens your whole face
*My Daddy told me to never marry a man with pretty hands.Because "honey a man needs to be able to shovel some sh*t sometimes"


Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Oh my god~! Thanks for the belly laugh. Never marry a man with soft hands...that was priceless.

cougarnana said...

That was just the sweetest post! I hadn't heard some of those cute bits of advice but I will try to remember all of them. Your parents were very cute, I love the picture. One of the reasons I married Jim is because he has the coolest hands, definitely NOT soft!!