Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile...

Another week when I can stop and say "thank you" for all the blessings in my life. The big and small things.With a thank-full heart....Karen~

1- Our friends son went into the Navy, and I sent him a little letter wishing him well and reminding him that we will be praying for him. Well he wrote me back the sweetest letter on "US Navy" letterhead thanking me for writing and being a link to home.It was such a sweet surprise and it was great to hear from him. What good manners he Daigles did good!

2- I love my camera but my lens has been acting up.So I sent it in for repair and got an estimate for $119.00 to fix it. I called and spoke with a supervisor because I haven't had it that long,just a little over the one year warranty. She was so nice about it and said "no problem we will fix it as though its still under the warranty and it will be shipped fed ex so you should have it in a couple days" Totally Free! Gosh I love GREAT customer service. Thanks Canon! What a blessing!

3- A sweet email from Olivia... "hey neighbor, thanks for the smiles via your blogspot" It makes me happy that she keeps up with our family with my blog. I LOVE to read my friends blogs and feel a part of their lives. I wish they all would have one, especially those who have moved away to Arkansas! Olivia and I still call each other "neighbor"and I miss her family living across the street every single day.Having them as neighbors was the BEST! We spent so much time going back and forth for years. It was like having family on your block cause we felt so at home. I once went over and borrowed a diet soda,the boys had numerous tent camp outs in the backyard,we read magazines in lawn chairs out front, and often played scrabble in jammies after dinner. I don't think we ever used front doors, just a quick tap and in we went through the garage. Please move back someday!

4- I realized I really have to let the 'taco' thing go...My friend asked "How are you" and my response was.. Fried, Thanks, and You?

5- Golden Spoon Pumpkin Fro Yo.. I know it's scary how pumpkin crazed I am ,but the pumpkin frozen yogurt is the BOMB! And it will only be here for a while so go get one today! They will need to make room for peppermint stick and egg nog before Christmas. (Gosh I need to either get a life or not be so honest) But it is fat free so I am sure even Faith eats some!

6- The Sunday Six has really taken off!! So many of my blog buddies have started the tradition and I am thrilled! We all have so much to be grateful for. I have loved reading your blessings of the week too.So "Little Family" this ones for you... BYU colors? hope so,


Chloe Krikac said...

"Fried thanks and how are you?" --- you are soooo dang funny!!! And really soon you have to come down to my house so we can have pumpkin yogurtland - it's a little taste of heaven.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't "steal" the Sunday Six jersey fast enough!! Thanks. I will use it this Sunday. I loved reading your Sunday Six, as always, but I really loved your bucket list. Last January we went with our friends, Reg and Sherrie to see the movie. On the way home I said, "there is only one thing I really want, as far as a bucket list goes...I hope I live long enough to see Kami get married" and then I sat in the back seat and cried. It was just about a week later that she met Brent. It took her a long time to find him but once she did it all happened very fast. So maybe this "bucket list" thing really works. I have done a few of the things on your list and they were wonderful, namely, NYC at Christmas (last year 2007) die for. Also, pastry in France (not really that great, France was great but the pastry, just a little off, the food in Europe is just not good like ours). Now, on the other hand, pizza in Chicago is the best. I've always had lots of food goals!! Maybe I'll start another bucket list because I really do hope I will live a little longer.

Anonymous said...

P.S. My bike is Pink!!