Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Nail~

It's Saturday Morning and as I was running some errands,I decided to stop in for a pedicure on my way home.It has been so dry here that my heels are snagging on the carpet.I usually go every two weeks but this was an emergency.I know there has been comedy acts about nail salons and such..but it's just too funny not to chime in. I walked in and the lady who knows the most English says "Hello, what you need" I tell her a pedicure please..."OK, you pick color" After settling in to soak someone comes and starts my pedi and the small talk begins "you no work today" "you want manicure too" I've seen the Seinfeld episode where Elaine finds out they are talking about her.And inside I'm hoping they are not chatting about my size 9 foot or saying "she have lot of cuticle" I ask about Cindy who once did my nails and am told "she no work here" They seem to move shops a lot! Now don't get me wrong I love my pedicures!But I just need to vent a little.I enjoy the magazines with Britney and K Fed on the cover from two years ago(that have been dropped into the water)the conversations that I don't understand,the posters of nail designs that should never be allowed EVER!!
The mango's and incense offered to Budda by the front door,the plastic flowers and dead Easter lilies,and there's even Christmas tinsel still around in June.The smell of jasmine rice waifing from the back.My salon has a candy dish but it is filled with stuff I have never seen? Maybe dried ginger? But what I love most are the names of the technicians. No way is your name 'Nancy' 'Janet' or 'Grace'. And what's the deal with the hooker shoes? They all wear these huge leopard print heels in a size four.Lastly...was there no one to give you advice on naming the place? "Happy Nail" "Joy Nail" "Shiny Nail" Seems like someone would have told them a cuter name before they ordered the flashing neon sign. OK, I got that off my chest.My feet do look and feel better and I appreciate your smile and service.I'll be in next Friday for a pedicure. With Heather,if she's available.

Photo courtesy of google,it looked familiar and it cracked me up!

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Chloe Krikac said...

Love this post so much! And yes... the shoes. I also noticed that all of the shoes (which are usually platform in nature) always have an accent of clear plastic on them... whether it's the heal portion or the strap - always clear plastic.