Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile...

Another Sunday, and with a grateful heart I say thank you...Nothing really out of the ordinary, just ordinarily special~

1- a fun website for a girl like me who loves to get mail and packages.I have gotten lots of fun stuff! Free packs of gum,pens,granola bars,a razor,laundry soap,it's just random stuff but its so fun!(and free)

2- We had a wonderful dinner with the new Carter's at "Ruth's Chris" Steakhouse last night. The Greeks LOVE to eat there and were surprised that we had never been. So sweet Thia Mary sent us a gift card and told us to take the newlyweds. Wow, I can see why they love it so much! We had a great dinner in the San Diego harbor and a super fun time on our double date! Thank you Thia for being so generous!

3- Ponds Face Wipes-I Love these! I now buy the four pack at Costco. They are the best at removing makeup or if you are super tired you can actually wash your face with them. They are a great size and super soft.

4- My sweet daughter in law Ashlyn taught me so many new things about my blog. Like how to change the color of the text and how to link.(if you click on the links now it will go to that page ) It has been making me crazy trying to learn it. A little hands on lesson is so much easier for me. Thank you Ash! And thank you for being so darn precious! Your home is so welcoming and sweet. You guys are darling and so happy to be "home" as a family. And I gotta say... Trav makes a killer Mocha on their new espresso machine. Yummo!

5- Steve surprised us all and shaved off his mustache and goatee! He looks so young and he really looks like Chad! It was the first time in his life that Trav has ever seen his Dad without a mustache. And his reaction was priceless! Ashlyn noticed in about 2 seconds but Trav took a couple minutes... but when he did it was quite funny!

6- I am so thankful for my three big brothers, but this week especially for Paul and his family. Someday I hope that I can share why. But for now I will say he has incredible courage and so much love for his family. He is so proud of his 4 boys and so are we! Sometimes you may feel like your boat is sinking but the truth is that your family is always with you and they are bailing the water right along side you. And that love keeps us all afloat at times. I have always been so proud to be one of the "Krikac" kids and I am very proud to be his little sister.


cougarnana said...

What a Great Sunday Six! Not only is this a wonderful way to list our blessings but it also gives us blogger buddies some insight into what's going on in your life and family. I'm so happy to know you're all doing well and enjoying each other. Don't forget to post a picture of Steve with no facial hair..I can't wait to see it. I wish you another happy week!!

Ashlyn Carter said...

So Cute! Loved that one.