Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile...

Another Sunday when I can stop and say Thank You for all the blessings in my life that brought a smile to my heart this week. Life is so much sweeter when lived with an "attitude of gratitude"

1- Travis sent a email after reading my" Taco Tales" post. This is all it said but it cracked me up..
" that is hilarious. thank you mom. i freakin love you "

2- Had a fun Halloween bunco party at Holly's Friday night. These girls have been such a HUGE part of my life in Temecula. Holly's darling boys helped decorate and made the house spooky for us girls.She served bleeding heart baked brie, eyeball soup, and eerie apple cake just to name a few. It was so fun! I kept telling folks at the wedding that it takes a village to raise good kids and have a sweet life.They are a big part of my village! Whatever would I do without their love, friendship,and support in my life.

3- The Farmers Market~ I LOVE to go to the farmers market on Saturday mornings. I buy the best fruit,veggies,and of course fresh flowers for my house.I adore flowers in my home! There is something really fun about the farmers market crowd.The smells of food cooking and the randomness of things for sale. tamales,avocados,oil lamps, jewelry,bread,dog clothes,it is a pretty hippy place but super fun!

4- I am grateful for being old.There is something so "OK" with it. What used to upset me so much when I was young I can now laugh at! Example this week. A HUGE zit. When I was a teen I remember asking my mom if I could stay home from school if I had one. I once had to "call in ugly" at work because of a outbreak. Well this week I had a pimple that was a doozy! Steve and I called it my goiter. Sweet Trish at work had to be on"zit watch" in case it was ready to blow. But no...this one was a huge undergrounder,right by my nose.It hurt so bad it gave me a headache,and I know it had a heartbeat. I could almost see it if I looked down. But there was nothing I could do it but wait it out.(and being Greek I did try the windex) I am thankful I was able to laugh at myself and not cry. Hasn't everyone had at least one of these stupid things? And I am thankful for Steve's ability to always make me smile. Thursday when I left for work he said "I love you and hope you and your friend have a good day"

5- Pumpkin!! I burned my fabulous new pumpkin candle all week long (thank you Ashlyn), I made pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, had pumpkin creamer in my coffee, and loved remembering how many times my Dad called me "pumpkin"

6- "How Its Made " Steve and I found this show and it is fascinating! We have been recording it and I LOVE it!
All the things you take for granted in everyday life and when you see what goes into making them it is amazing! marbles, tires, plastic cups, wallpaper, balloons, It really makes you think about how ingenious inventors are. There is so much junk on TV and I am thankful for the shows that teach us things.We are like two little old people in our chairs at makes me smile. Who would have ever thought


Anonymous said...

Loved your Sunday Six. The zit story was sooo funny and I'm just so thankful that you didn't have it for the wedding. See there are blessings in all things!! Friends are just the greatest and what a cute "group" picture, looks like a very fun bunch. In order to have great friends though you need to be a great friend and I know you are one of those. I love fresh flowers too, I buy them for myself often, my gift to me! We have a farmer's market here on Saturday mornings, I've never been, but you've inspired me to go. Thanks.

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

These days I hesitate coming to your blog because I can feel the cellulite on my hind end expanding down the back of my legs and my hips filling out my entire chair and drooping over the edges...what is with all the yummy food, cupcakes etc!
I love Sunday Six...thank you for introducing it to us...its like Pay it Forward..."The Sunday Six Movement" is reaching the far ends of the nation!! Everyone loves it and it is something I look forward to writing/reading each week!
Our family is so very blessed to have you as a friend and example!
Have a great week!