Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We gots our groove on...

We started a new tradition this year thanks to Chloe and Lindsay! They just loved this scene from the movie "This Christmas" So they requested that we dance the final dance scene with the family.They made a CD with the song looping and we all lined up in the living room.We just told everyone we had a new game. No one knew what to expect but they all were game to try once the music started.I think the memory of them dancing will last me a lifetime. Aunt Teresa and Uncle Lloyd tore it up,(they do have a unfair advantage because they live at leisure world and go to all the dances,so stinkin cute) Uncle Pete was hysterical and everyone took turns being silly and having their moment in the center.I am hoping to add some video that Travis took,It was sooo funny and something you had to see to believe. We are so weird,but we all agreed it will be a new tradition every year.Thanks girls for the "groove"y idea! Madear loved it!

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Sara Beara said...

The add IS a big deal...but you're kind of a big deal! haha I'm so glad you read and are entertained. I am not selling the gift cards, but you got my wheels spinning lol...and I'm black listed too! Sounds like your Christmas was so fun!