Friday, December 19, 2008

Karen? Well she twirls the baton!

Growing up with three brothers and being the only girl was usually pretty nice. I was the baby of the family and maybe a little spoiled. My Dad would always say he only had one little girl and she was going to stay a little girl. So as the boys got older and they raced motorcycles I wasn't allowed to. Again,only one girl she was to stay a girl. But after going out every single weekend to ride watch them ride I finally coaxed my dad into a bike for me. He bought me a Yamaha 125 and a pink helmet! They had put me in ballet, dance class, brownies,girl scouts and I had to get my hair curled and 'put up' every Christmas at the "Mop Shop" beauty parlor by our house.They made it impossible for me to be a tomboy. But I was finally able to talk him into getting me my very own motorcycle.
 But my dads biggest joy was that I twirled the baton! I was a proud member of the Hawthorne Twirlers(notice the HT on my fabulous uniform) We would march in parades and perform at grand openings. The boys endlessly teased me about my "big talent" If we were with friends or family my dad would often say "honey go grab your baton and twirl for them" And he was serious!! As I got older it became a family joke. Dave graduated from college, Kenny was a harbor patrol officer, Paul was a sheriff and Karen, she twirls the baton.Sure I had a few accomplishments but it always came back to "she can sure twirl a mean baton" To this day they endlessly tease me.So last week I wrote how excited I was to take some old 8mm film to Costco to put on DVD. I was so hoping it was something really special of Christmas mornings, or of my Dad laughing. But guess what it is?? Footage of Karen twirling her baton!! Yep...footage of me and my friend Tracy in a funky parade with my Dad obviously running alongside filming me.I spent twenty good dollars preserving memories of the one thing no one ever lets me forget! So you can bet when my family is all here this holiday we are going to pop some popcorn, and watch it twice. Since it seems to be my only real claim to fame...We may even watch it three times.


Casey said...

Oh,how cute! I didn't know that about you. When I was little my beautiful, older cousin (who lives in Kentucky)whom, I idolized when I was little, was a twirler all through High School and at U of K. Taught me how to twirl. "Ya gotta stir the soup" is what she'd say to me. We should have a twirl-off one day! You'd win though, cause all I can do is "stir the soup". I'd love to see your video one day, and never mind those "boys" they're just jealous!!

Ashlyn Carter said...

Oh, this is adorable...I cannot wait to see the new DVDs! I was just telling Trav I can't wait to watch more of him when he was get those ready too :)
Only a few more days until we're all cozy in the house! xoxo

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Well, now you've done it. We HAVE to see you and Casey in a "twirl off." So bring those batons on Monday girls and "stir the soup" (whatever that means!).

I am the oldest of 5 but the next 2 below me are boys, so of course, they go to do all sorts of fun things. I am so jealous, I wish I had been a princess, but being the oldest, I was just the one always in trouble because of the heinous, ur, I mean, charming younger siblings. I mean, when you are the oldest, you are always in trouble because "You should know better." Well, of course, we knew better but it is against the law to bump off your younger brothers and sisters.
Have a great weekend~!

Chloe Krikac said...

I think this has got to be my all time favorite post of yours! That picture is beyond words adorable! Just think, you passed those mad skills on to your niece. I have been known to be in a few parades (with the blue outfit, the glitter, and the bun) in elementary school days. When I was discouraged and worried about "dropping" in the Christmas parade when my team was twirling to 'Jingle Bell Rock', I remember my parents saying, "you know chloe, your auntie is a wonderful baton twirler, and I bet she got nervous when she twirled too." Thanks for making a difference in my life, Thia --- in more ways than the baton! :)