Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What did Santa bring you?

One of my favorite days at school was "show and tell" There was something so fun knowing it was your turn to get up and share something exciting. I guess my blog is a grown up version of show and tell. So how fun would it be if we all shared our favorite Christmas gift! What memories do you have of Christmas mornings full of excitement and joy as you saw what Santa left...So I decided to send out a email and ask my friends what their favorite gifts were,and then post it on my blog. My favorite surprise had to be my Easy Bake Oven! Nothing better than cupcakes cooked with a light bulb. I would spend my allowance running to Kress to get extra mixes. And I also loved my roller skates! Those rickety metal wheels and we would skate all day.My first pair were the metal ones you clamped onto tennis shoes, and then we got the fancy white ones. What were your favorites? Here's a few of my friends responses....

Olivia~I do remember getting my silver piccolo. I was first chair in the band as a junior in high school . There was a competition to win the "Linda Denny Silver Piccolo Award" but I did not have one so I couldn't compete....until I unwrapped that beautiful silver instrument. I didn't win but I sure will remember how I felt that Christmas. (this one made me cry)

Katie~My parents weren't really into Christmas and being the youngest of seven, they were pretty much over the WHOLE gift giving thing by the time I was growing up. The sooner we didn't believe - the better. So Ellen & I would wrap up stuff from around the house to make it LOOK like we actually had presents under the tree and then open them on Christmas morn & pretend they were great gifts! The last year we did believe we got one of those cardboard grocery store play sets with the fake little cans of veggies, etc... we thought it was pretty cool. Of course, Amy O'Brien got the really cool cash register with her set, so we mostly played at her house(Katie this is why you are always so kind and generous.Your story was precious and I am glad you had a sister to make magic with)

Nancy~There were so many! My absolute favorite and biggest surprise was a jewelry box with a ballerina twirling to "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning" and the other would be a "chemistry magic" set. Honorable mention would have to be the "Flower Power"(remember with the cooker and the goop? (I had one too thanks for jogging my memory)

Marcia~ My first doll under the Christmas tree. Both my sisters received dolls as well but they were all different and I loved mine. Funny thing was that I named her Nancy....just as I would name my first real live doll some years later. My other favorite toy was this mechanical dog with a tray of buttons in front and each button you pushed caused some reaction, the tongue would stick out or the ears would sister broke it and I still have not forgiven her...though I know this time of year with all my precious Lord has had to forgive me for, I probably should. I'll think about it! (Marcia writes like she talks, full of details and I love that about her. Plus she really loves me)

Kat~ Two of my favorite gifts were those glass balls on a string that you could bang together,and my first bike with an am/fm radio attached to the handlebars! (my sis in law, funny thing is Paul had those glass balls too)

Casey~"Baby Tenderlove" I loved that doll so much I put blue eyeshadow on her and pink lipstick and use to kiss her all the time!, And the Barbie airplane,I wanted to be a stewardess, just like my mom when I grew up (so sweet Casey just like you)

Kathy~I loved the Lite Brite and getting a brand new box of crayola crayons-the 64 color box that my horrid little brothers and sisters where not allowed to touch. I loved the year I got the Skipper doll to go with Barbie(Kathy I loved my lite brite too and Skipper was such the cool sister)

Abby~ American Girl Dolls and My Saint Mary's Necklace engraved by mom (love you Abby)

Lynn~ My favorite gifts were my basketball hoop and a dirt bike(what no baton?)

Ashlyn~ I would say my “oopsie daisy” doll and also the “My Dear Diary” Hands down! (I can so clearly see her mothering her dolls.I LOVE my DIL)

Janice~ My dear uncle always gave me "boy" gifts. One year he gave me a shooting arcade. It was a smaller version of the carnival shooting gallery. I loved it. (Sarah Palin probably had one too, love you Janice)

Holly~ I would have to say mine was the Easy Bake Oven for sure! I was always amazed when that little light bulb would bake me a cake whenever I had a hankerin'! The other favorite was the doll that cooed and cried! I think you could feed her too! Not like a Thanksgiving feast, more like a jar of baby food (Holly you make me laugh like no other)

Thanks for sharing everyone! I loved reading your memories! I hope the magic of Christmas is just as wonderful for you all this year. After hearing Kate Winslet speak about" Father Christmas" I just fell in love with that name for Santa.With our kids, most of the tags were from Jesus! I wanted them to know it is only because of Him,His grace and mercy that we have anything at all.
I am hoping Father Christmas leaves you a fun surprise this year,and that your day is filled with magic, love and joy!
Happy Birthday Jesus~And Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night...


Chloe Krikac said...

Oh, what a cute idea!!! How fun to read about everyone's favorite presents from childhood - you are so creative! :) Merry Christmas to you too, Thia! I love you, and I am so excited to see you tomorrow!

Sara Beara said...

You are so sweet! I read yours too! :) I love your sunday six! Hope your Christmas was full of family and lovin!!!