Friday, December 5, 2008

Memory Lane~ Christmas

Christmas Eve with new pajamas and home made cookies! Just what memories are made of...
Used to be when the boys were small because they were so close in age everything was either green or blue. Because that way they could tell which one was theirs. Travis was green because of his green eyes and Chad was blue for his blue eyes. So funny as I was buying some things this year for stockings I had to buy Green, Blue and now Pink!!! I love including Ash in on all these little details. Even though she wont have a pink sippy cup, I still have the old blue and green tupperware ones.I know the boys no longer live at home but I still find myself picking those colors..I just love when little memories come back, and they seem to flood at the holidays! Enjoy every detail in life...they add up to a very full heart.

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Ashlyn Carter said...

oh man. the Lord knew we green sippy cups kiddies were meant to be :) i just love that and if you want to get me a pink one, that is JUST fine! Can't wait for Christmas with the Carters!