Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile

This has been a GREAT week! Excitement and anticipation were palpable--you can feel it in your bones, when you know that you are going to smile hard and roll in clouds of laughter with friends. And even though this weekend was filled to the brim, it was all about people~Splendid people! Christmas is nearly here and I have truly loved every minute of the season. And I pray that you have too....Here are my favorite 6 smiles this week!
1- My nephew Kory graduated from nursing school!! We are so proud of you Kory and wish so much that we could have been there in the stands to cheer and blow air horns.We send hugs and congratulations from all of us!
2- We had our moms dinner Thursday night and it was wonderful! We had the best time, chatting, laughing and sharing stories.The 3 girls who didn't come last month got embarrassing Christmas panties so they make sure and never miss our dinners again. We didn't do our ornament exchange this year and really missed it! So next year no excuses girls...theres nothing like fighting with friends over gifts.

3- Friday night was our "Bunco Christmas" at Carols. Wow can she put on the show! We had such a fabulous time in her gorgeous home and we were all there! 14 because 2 of our alumni came. We had a fun secret Santa gift exchange and everyone received lovely personal gifts. The night was filled with laughter,great food, and love overflowing. My idea of a perfect evening! A big Thanks to my secret Santa Dori ! I received the most beautiful fresh wreath.It's amazing and hanging on my living room wall, a cute little sleigh, and a cup cake tree complete with sprinkles and holiday holders. It is a darling gift from a treasured friend.

4-I love seeing my kids be Santa~ Something about the idea of them out shopping and wrapping with us in mind just warms my heart. Every single thing they have gotten me over the years means so much to me.Just this week I wore two pairs of earrings from my boys, gingerbread ones from Chad and darling silver ones from Travis. I am thankful they find joy in buying people surprises.

5- Saturday night our fellow "Book Babe" Nancy and her sweet husband John had us all over for some holiday fun! They moved back to Temecula to a wonderful new home and we are thrilled to have them back in town. It is so fun that the hubbies all get along great too, we had fun talking and munching homemade goodies.I feel terrible that I never took out my camera to snap some photos. Thanks for a great evening everyone! Maybe we should make the guys start reading and join us every month? Nah....But last night was a treat

6-Chad and I felt like the Griswolds putting up our outdoor lights! We would no sooner get all the lights up and the whole strand would go out. We replaced the fuses,tightened the bulbs,plugged them in, gave each other high fives when they lit up, put the ladder away, and five minutes later it was dark. We must have done this at least four times. And our house is two stories so each time he had to get back on the roof. All the while the new little boy across the street (who is a true Dennis the Menace) would yell "Lady,Your lights don't work" It takes a lot to ruffle Chad but even he was a tad frustrated!(the new neighbor boys name is Stevie, how cute is that. He has taken a real liking to us and I think we will be seeing a lot of him,and his dump trucks,and he usually comes complete with a corn dog in each hand) But along came Steve to save the day. Turns out it was the extension cord we were using. Now as I turn the corner and see all the lovely lights I appreciate them even more.


cougarnana said...

OK, so I always thought the reason I was such a scrooge was because I worked in retail but look at you, all that holiday cheer and happiness and you work at a grocery store! I guess I'm just naturally a scrooge...boohoo! Sounds like you had a real party week, a different party everyday, how fun! I hope this week is as much fun as the last.

Casey said...

Love you Sunday Six this week! You're one busy girl! Oh to be so popular(for Chloe insert song here) again.... It was so nice Sat. night with the guys along. I'm glad they all get along so well. That means that they can come play with us more often ;) We're still working on our lights though. There's an excuse at ever corner... Love ya, C U at the next big tado!

Ashlyn Carter said...

check you out putting up your lights! wow! impressive! We love buying you gifties and fun surprises....this year is going to be so much fun :)! and YAY for Kory!! That is sooo exciting!