Saturday, December 20, 2008

Steve...My beloved precious elf

I was thinking back this morning about Christmases Past.Chad said I sure get nostalgic at this time of year and I agree.It just seems to bring out the best in people and the memories are priceless.Going through my holiday box I found this" to-from" tag from Steve that I had saved. But first the story....
When I was in high school my Dad bought me a striped ski sweater. He was usually the "slip you a 100 dollar bill" kinda guy..and my mom would do most of the shopping. Well one year he went and picked out a striped ski sweater for me.And I think I wore it every single day in January. It was the sentiment behind it and the fact that he went shopping,picked it out and wrapped it for me!! So of course Steve and the boys had heard this story and remembered it.So a few years back,(card is dated 2004) Steve bought me a striped ski sweater and this card was attached.
"To my pumpkin, you are the love of my life and this small present is my way of reminding you of how much I love you. I will try to pick up where your Dad left off so you always feel treasured and loved.He was such a good hearted man and he loved you as much as I do"
What could possibly be sweeter?? Another Christmas morning with the boys watching Mom cry as we open gifts. But it is a sweet reminder of what is important with any gift. The heart behind it...


Lindsay said...

Hi Tietta,
I am still wiping the WATER from my eyes! How precious Mr. Carter is that He loves and adores our Tietta and is as thoughtful, sweet and takes such good care of Her "Daddy's little girl". Just love reading your precious blog! It touches my heart and Makes my day, month and year!

Love you Carters!
love linds

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

How wonderful to be so cherished~! Your sons are so lucky to have such an incredible role model, not only for being married, but on how to have a full happy life and cherish and appreciate what you have.

But I have to ask...he has to have some bad habits, you knows, leaves his dirty socks and underwear on the bathroom floor? Never puts a bowl in the dishwasher, something. HAHAHA. Tell Steve I am just teasing and that one day I want to hear him play guitar. Would a little tequila help?

Karen Carter said...

Oh my he has plenty of bad habits! And has had his share of bomb gifts too, but I guess I always remember the good since he does the same with me.It seems to make life a little sweeter. Thanks for stopping by and being a reader. Love ya K

Our Thrift Store said...

WOW, what a Gem..That picture is a classic, I am SO glad you found that...I am runnng to Costco right after the Holiday and converting these old super 8's before its too late. Love ya TONS Sista..Merry Christmas.