Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A fun family!

We had so much fun on Christmas day! I love my family with my whole heart.And this year we were able to add our amazing new daughter in the fun! Ashlyn brings us so much joy and it was so fun to have her and Travis both here on Christmas Day. She seems to cope pretty well with our crazy group,and she is loved beyond measure by everyone!! We played games, danced the scene from "This Christmas" with a congo line,(thanks to our DJ Chloe) played our "doubles" dice game and fought greedily over gifts,played Left Right Center,ate great food and felt perfectly content to spend hours in each others company. I feel so blessed! We are not a quiet crowd but if you spend anytime at all with them they will forever treat you like family. We were glad to have our friends the Daigles stop by and they were met with warm hugs and love. It is something I will never take for granted. We sure miss my mom and family who passed away but I know they are smiling and thankful we all still get together and keep the traditions going.The only thing missing was the Tennessee Krikacs! I couldn't think about them or the tears would fall.Please come "home" for Christmas next year? I love our Big Fat Greek Family and can hardly wait until the next holiday!

side note..I'm not that round! My sweatshirt is huge! But it's such a cute pic of the fam I had to add it,in spite of myself.


Lindsay said...

Oh My Goodness Tietta! I love the blog! You are the best blogger!!! What fun it was to see and feel all the love in our precious family! Thank You so much! This made my night!

Love linds

Lindsay said...


I did it!

It worked!

love me