Thursday, November 20, 2008

What's in a name?

OK, I need to preface this post before I write another thing!!! I mean no disrespect, and there is not a single unkind thought toward anyone who has a funny name (funny being simply a matter of opinion) The super cool Jolie-Pitts just named their kids Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline for goodness sake. But my family and I have a standing joke and we call each other with funny names we hear. My Besties hubby and I have always done it too. And because we both work at the market we have had some ringers!! He once called me after taking a birthday cake order and we almost peed our pants. The name was " Shithead" pronounced "Shitheed" We have a growing list,Roshanda-Jermajesty-LaQuisha-Fallopia-Mercedes, Chandelier, and even Prada (yes, I met a girl named Prada, and it was one of the worst days of my life.) So of course this morning I couldn't resist sending Chloe and Dennis this picture that I took at my Wal Mart! I was just minding my own bizness picking up my Christmas movie (The Bishops Wife) when upon the wall I see
And I couldn't help myself. Out came the camera phone!
I am sure she is a very valuable part of the team,and good for her for this lovely award...
But my goodness how did her parents ever think up this name?
And why?
It sure makes my Karen/Sophia/ names way too ordinary! I am switching full time to "LaQueenda"

PS I just found out this morning Ashley and Pete named their new boy Bronx Mowgli!
Wasn't Mowgli the kid from jungle Book?


Chloe Krikac said...

Congratulations Tynikia... I'm sure she'd like to thank the academy, and all of her friends and family from the oil and lube... just don't forget about the little people Tyn.

P.S. I totally forgot about Fallopia! :)

cougarnana said...

This just cracked me up. My girls can rattle off the funniest names (especially Kaci), names they've heard over the years that are sooo funny but I don't think any of us have heard about Tynickia. Where do mothers come up with these things? But, hey, good for her and her award (or whatever it was), I know she deserves it because with a name like that she definitely started out one step behind the others. May she continue to excel, much like "The Boy Named Sue!"

cougarnana said...

P.S. Re Chloe's comment...FALLOPIA!! What's up with that?? Aren't those tubes or some sort of body part?

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I'm with Chloe--Fallopia is by far the weirdest name I have heard in a while. If it did not violate HIPAA rules, I could give you some of the strangest names though. Some of them sound like they would be great character names in a Harry Potter book~!

Casey said...

I'm going to grill you about Fallopia!! What's with these parents? As someone who has an unusual name that no one could pronounce as a kid it's pure torture! Sheezzzz!!!!!