Monday, November 3, 2008

Our Vote is our Voice

I cant seem to write about anything simple or fun when so much is hanging in the balance for our country tonight. And in spite of what the media is saying it is NOT over yet. They have been wrong before! I am confident to hope that who I vote for - and who you vote for - will not keep us from being friends.
I appreciate our differences. They make me, me. And you, you.
That being said I am hoping that we all vote our conscience.For me my faith plays a HUGE part of my decision. How ironic that just today, a sweet friend at work shared a photo of her miscarried baby at not even three months old. The photo clearly showed her baby's eyes, arms, and spine. I can't ever vote for a candidate who allows late term abortions claiming it is not a baby. Also because of my faith I believe that traditional "marriage" is a marriage between one man and one woman. So I will be voting yes on Prop 8. I hope that we all examine our hearts and vote for what we believe even if it's not popular. I also believe that no matter who wins, no matter who is sworn in, no matter who addresses our nation for the next four years...that God is still God. He is indeed the same. Yesterday. Today. And Forever.


Chloe Krikac said...

oooo chills. great post Thia!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

My daughter voted for the first time today. She was out rallying so I told her it would be hypocritical for her not to vote~! I am not sure it was a very educated vote, but vote she did. I will vote right before book club!

Casey said...

Sometimes the "in thing" to other is not always the right thing to do. You go girl!!! Rock your vote!

Ashlyn Carter said...


cougarnana said...

We ARE kindred spirits...I've always known it. You didn't mention who you were voting for for President but I KNOW!!