Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile...

With a heart full of gratitude I want to stop and say Thank you for all the blessings in my life this week!
They are too numerous to count but here are six...

1- A weekend get away with my hubby!! Always so fun...Steve's company hosted a Christmas Party Saturday night.They got all the employees a beautiful room at the Marriott. Right on the water in San Diego,and it was a gorgeous sunny weekend.It was fun to see everyone who is such a big part of his daily life.I even won a terrific raffle prize!!

2- I was sick a couple days this week, but after hearing how much worse the flu hit my sweet friends I am so thankful mine was over quickly. Nothing worse than losing a few days being stuck inside.Feel better everyone!!

3- Stopped by today to celebrate with friends Karen and Mark! He has been battling cancer and they held a remission party! It was great to see them both and Mark looks happy and strong.Karen is such a sweetie and she sure has been there every step of the way.I love you both and wish you a year filled with more joy and great news.

4- I wrapped Christmas gifts!! There is not much that makes me happier than getting fun gifts for my family and friends. I just couldn't resist wrapping any longer. For any of you who say it is too early, Karen had her house all decorated and one of my blog buddies has their outside lights up! So I say let the season begin!!

5- It is going to be a fun busy week! I have Bunco Tuesday and Moms dinner Thursday, I am going to shop for Thanksgiving dinner, have my brows done, go with my brother Paul to the Dr, help Chad move some stuff home, and start painting my bedroom furniture shabby chic white! Want to be all ready for Thanksgiving before next week so we can all go to Bonnie Tuesday! (VIP tickets of course)

6- I am thankful that we are thankful!! It is so true that life is sweet when you are grateful for the little things. I know that my Mom modeled that for us. She appreciated every little thing. I didn't always appreciate her enthusiasm at the time,but now as I look at things the way she did, I smile. I will never forget the time she slammed on the brakes to notice the fall foliage! My friends still remind me of how funny it was when I showed them what she did. But you know each time I drive by that street near my house I think of her, and find myself slowing down to appreciate the beautiful colors too.

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cougarnana said...

Another fun Sunday Six Sophia! I don't know how you accomplished so many things this week since you were sick for part of it...but I'm impressed! I'm glad you're feeling better too. Do you visit Bonnie every Tuesday? Have you gone to lunch yet? If not, good luck with that! I hope you have a fun and healthy week!!