Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Six...things that made me smile

I didn't realize until I posted,This is my 100th post!! Wow it seems like yesterday that I was contemplating starting a blog.I am so grateful for this outlet to keep in touch, to say thanks,to rant,and to document our life. I hope to keep blogging for years to come ...
1- What a fun Thanksgiving we had!! Everyone ate a lot, laughed a lot, and we all were so thankful to spend the day together. Pictures soon to follow...

2- Tomorrow is December 1st!! I loved when the boys were small and they could start opening the doors on their advent calendar. The official countdown to Christmas! The excitement would build with each new day and they loved having the little treat inside. I want to savor the joy every day until Christmas as the days count down. My beautiful tree is up, and the house is full of pretty lights and Christmas fun...It truly is the "most wonderful time of the year"

3- Kenny Lindsay and Chloe stayed the Thanksgiving weekend. We just LOVE our sleepovers! We went to the movies,took walks,ate out, and we walked around old town and enjoyed seeing the kids with Santa, the carolers with their old time costumes, and the horse drawn buggy rides. It really felt like Christmas! It was such a fun weekend and we could never tire of them being here.

4-I found some old 8mm films from when we were kids. So I took them to Costco and can hardly wait until they come back. I am hooked on Costco's service of putting old movies onto DVD. On Thanksgiving we watched one from Kenny's wedding 25 years ago,it was so fun to see the Greeks dancing and having fun! This next one will be a real surprise since I have no idea what's on it. But the anticipation is so exciting! Hopefully it will have some footage of my Dad and his laugh. I want to post a clip so you all can see "Big Paul" and his big smile!

5-Speaking of Costco you have to try their Nonni's gingerbread biscotti! Casey told me about it and it is wonderful! What a fun treat to share with a cup of cocoa or coffee. It is only here for Christmas so try some soon!! Yummylicious (thats Casey's word but I love it)

6- Tuesday nine of us went to see the Bonnie Hunt Show! It was super fun once again to be there together and we had a great time. We got to see Bob Barker. He is such a sweet man and he really is such a hero to animals.He talked about his efforts rescuing elephants and how much they need to have freedom for a quality life.He is such a kind man. Mario Lopez was there too and I have to say he is quite easy on the eyes! During the commercial Bonnie reminded the audience,you never want to date a man who is prettier than you. So funny...but true.

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Anonymous said...

Fun to read your Sunday Six, as always. You and Bonnie will be doing lunch before you know it! Wow, I'm impressed that you are all decorated for Christmas before December 1st. I'm glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving and now the real fun begins...all the shopping!