Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile...

This week I talked Steve into teaming with me on "our" Sunday Six~ We truly have so much to be thankful for and It was fun to hear his too! (he dictated and I typed verbatim, promise I didn't add the sweet stuff about me in. He is such a pumpkin )
1-I am mostly thankful for you and the boys being in my life. I am still happy to come home at the end of a day to see you. And I am thankful for you taking such good care of me

2-The ability to work and still have a good job. In our economy, I never want to take it for granted

3- Conquering Spider four deck !!
Let me explain, Steve loves "spider" and the boys and I have teased him forever on how much he can play that darn game. Well this week he tried the highest level? Four decks? He has now won three games and feels like a super star(I said he was a pumpkin but I left out that he is apparently a nerd)
1- I put my down comforter on my bed and I sleep so good! I love to be really cold, but cozy and tucked in.

2- The memory of being "tucked in" When we were little we used to always have my mom tuck us in. She would sing songs from Sound of Music or at Christmas the "Little Drummer Boy" She would scratch our backs during the whole song. You could hear all of us kids yelling "mom tuck me in next" I loved being able to tuck in my boys at night also.That was the hardest part for me when the boys went away to college was going by their empty room at night not being able to tuck them in.But I sure cherish every night I was able to. To this day if I go to bed before Steve I will ask him to come up and tuck me in. He always sweetly obliges!

3- Kenny and Lindsay are off to their 25th wedding anniversary cruise! They are going to Australia and it will be their very first cruise. I am so excited for them I can hardly stand it! We called ahead and ordered a little gift and love note delivered to their suite! But I don't think I have EVER gone two weeks without talking to my brother in my whole lifetime. It will be so weird but I am glad they left the phones at home. Bon Voyage kids! We love and miss you already!


russhydefamily said...

I love that Spider game too. It is very addictive. I have yet to only accomplish a four deck win ONE time. I tend to stick to the two deck... I can win most of the time and it is easier to walk away from a win. I guess I am nerdy in that sense as well :)

cougarnana said...

I loved Steve's Sunday Three and, as always, loved yours, Sophia. Steve is a lucky guy to have you as his wife and I'm so happy that he knows it. I don't know about this Spider game but it must be something real important to be mentioned along with wife, sons and work! So I'll wish Steve good luck with that! The comforter story brought back memories for me, thanks for sharing it, I so enjoy this colder weather. I wish you a fun and happy week!

Chloe Krikac said...

You are so sweet! I can't believe that you called and did that for my parents! - I'm sure they will absolutely LOVE that, you are so incredibly thoughtful. :) I love you and I absolutely love this edition of Sunday Six and hearing about what makes Puffin tick!

Casey said...

Gosh! Loved your "tucked in" one. Made me miss my momma :( She use to "tuck" us in a night always too!