Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Six...things that made me smile

With it being Thanksgiving week it's extra special to say Thank You for all the blessings in our life.Why wait until Thanksgiving to be grateful! It's so much better to live with a thankful heart all year around...
1- My sweet neighbor Jan knocked on my door to say there was something in my front yard? So out we went and guess what was there?? MY CASTLE!! I am telling you the girls at work are crazy! After all this princess/queen stuff they have kicked it into full gear. Not only was there a princess castle but it had a 8x10 picture of me with my tiara pasted on the front door! Trish and Midge you guys are killing me with laughter these days. So since my Christmas tree isn't up yet I have now placed my castle in the living room with all the gifts around it. I kinda like it..Wonder if lights would add a magical touch? (kinda scary but we may find out)

2-We had our moms dinner Thursday and it was so fun! Had lots of giggles and girl talk. There was only 5 this month because everyone is so busy but it was kinda nice cause we were able to really chat. And the restaurant was so great Steve and I met up there Friday for date night. Yummy chips & salsa and great margaritas.

3- Tuesday was bunco and Karen Farmer made the most amazing dinner.And all 12 of us were there!!! It seems like most months we are missing at least one. We had a beautiful sit down dinner at her nice big table. She even had a "Thanksgiving tree" It was her artificial tree but it was all decorated for fall! What a fun idea(not that I would ever steal it because the thought of decorating a tree twice is overwhelming to us non Martha types) But her house was really special and I am sure her family will love it on Thanksgiving day! I love you girls and am super thankful for each of your friendships!

4- We watched the movie "The Bishops Wife" And it was so sweet! It starred Cary Grant and Loretta Young. What a sweet Christmas movie and I am happy to have it added it to our collection! I think I was born in the wrong era for sure. I would have LOVED to wear her hats.

5- Uncle Pete is making his homemade Greek bread for Thanksgiving! It is simply amazing!! He doesn't do it very often anymore because it is so involved, but we all love it so much! Such a distinct flavor and there is nothing better than a piece toasted the next day!!!

6- So crazy ..I mentioned once before about the rose bush that my dear friend Krissy gave me when my mom passed away. And it blooms at the strangest times. I know people can be weird with toast that looks like Mother Mary etc. But this beautiful plant is so amazing. It bloomed on the day of the Wedding, Mothers day, and now this week after being all cut back before winter it has huge flowers on it for Thanksgiving. (4 of them, one for each of us kids)I miss my sweet Mom the most at holidays because nothing made her happier than being here with all her family. So crazy as it may seem I know my Mom is saying 'I love you all and she is blowing us kisses from heaven

Look at the joy on her face! She Adored Holidays!


cougarnana said...

What a fun Sunday Six. Honestly, you have just one social engagement after another...such a busy girl!! I love the castle, I don't quite understand it all but if anyone deserves a castle on their lawn with a self portrait on the front, it's YOU! I also love your rose bush, I like thinking that your mom is sending you roses at various times of the year. Such a cute thought. It sounds like your Thanksgiving Day celebration will be a spectacular event..then the "real" fun begins...all the decorating, shopping, wrapping, cooking, eating, spending, etc. It's a wonderful life, isn't it!!

Karen Carter said...

Nancy you are so sweet. Whats not to understand? I am a princess and princesses need a castle! jk... Thank for all the comments Love hearing from you. xoxo Sophia~

Chloe Krikac said...

What a wonderful six! And that beautiful rosebush... I love that Ya-ya sends roses at these amazing times! They are true kisses from heaven...

Can't wait to see your castle and to have Uncle Pete's amazing bread! :)

cougarnana said...

Of course!! Silly me!