Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile...

Another Sunday to thank God for the blessings in my life this week..There is so much peace in being content!
1-Had a fun dinner with all "three" kids Saturday night.It was great to see Chads photos and hear all about his trip.The new Carters got their wedding pictures back and looking through them brought back the wonderful memories of the greatest day!Once again Steve and I smiled the whole way home. We love spending time with our kids!

2-I joined facebook at the urging of some friends and family. And I am so excited to have found a old friend from grade school.Grace and I spent so much time together as young girls and I have so many memories of her family. It will be so fun to hear what they are all up to! The Internet really can be a blessing.

3- Five Christmas presents bought!And if I had my way they would be wrapped and stacked in the living room. But I am not prepared for the weird looks from quests, so I will leave them in bags in the office for now. But soon!!!

4- Chloe rented a cute apartment in Tennessee for her internship. I am so happy that she feels settled and has a darling place just waiting for her. And the timing was perfect! God is good

5- I love having an extra hour this morning! I have a busy day ahead but here I sit doing my Sunday Six, drinking coffee and enjoying an extra 60 minutes.

6- Yet another yummy pumpkin recipe! Ashlyn made the most amazing pumpkin Whoopi- Pies! Click here for recipe..I am going to stop off on the way home and get the ingredients(just one more case of canned pumpkin) and make some for work.I know that I'm pumpkin addicted but admitting a problem is the most important step right? I think this week my Starbucks name will be "Libby" instead of Sophia~


cougarnana said...

OK, so where did you get that cute Karen's Sunday Six sign? Wish my name was Karen so I could steal it!! Ashlyn's dessert looks so yummy, I looked at the recipe, it seems hard but I might give it a try, I really do LOVE pumpkin. The picture of your "three" kids is so cute, soon there will be four and then the explosion begins, you'll have kids coming out your ears, just like me. I, too, love the extra hour in the Fall, it's a happy time of year and it's wonderful to get one more hour of happiness. WOW, I'm impressed with the Christmas shopping, I could never shop this early because I can't keep my gifts a secret for very long...I'm always asking "would you like to see what I got you for Christmas? You could just act surprised when you open it!" Fortunately, my family just ignores me.

Ashlyn Carter said...

aw, so cute. however, both of those pictures of me are very interesting. I have never seen that sort of smile before..! :) THANKS for coming down. we loved it!!! Let me know how your pumpkin whoopie pies turn out!!