Friday, November 14, 2008


This blog post is for the girls at work who just crack me up! Somewhere I started this "thing" with Super Star.It made me laugh on SNL and over the years it has kinda become my trademark. Can't tell you how many pictures I have of me with my family and friends doing Super Star. At work if someone says you are going a great job today,it is always replied with the "Pose" and "Super Star"(ok,sometimes it's in response to a simple hello or good morning)So you get the picture here...So one day I asked Steve a very honest question "honey who first named me super star? and he replied "I think you did" What??? No way??? Did I??? I also am known as "Queenie" or "Princess" at work and they all swear that I gave myself those names too? It's on the office door at work, the file cabinet, and Trish writes it on my coffee cup every morning so we know which one is mine.They even doctored a photo and made a poster of it to hang on the wall. (sure I made copies to give away but that was merely a compliment to your craftiness) But with all the teasing ,I don't want them to think I am serious. Now girls I am fully aware that the only person who ever really thought I was a Princess was my daddy(maybe at times my brothers and husband,perhaps a few close friends) And Queenie?? I didn't ask to be queen but the tiara fits? Last week Midge made me a couple of fun CD mixes which I love! She thought it would be funny to wrap them up with a gift card photo holder. She put a picture of herself in there, but they thought I would want to buy them for my gifts with a photo of me inside(perhaps with my crown) First of all they are much too small. I would need them to be 8x10's to hold my glossies from Glamour shots! I guess for a girl who knows full well I don't have a thing going is fun to pretend I do.I am glad to have such silly friends at the palace and I want to thank them for being so fun to work with.This Christmas I am going to stitch them all darling pillows with my picture on them. I was thinking they should say...
"Don't hate me cause you aint me "


Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I could not resist~! It shows your tiara and everything, plus stuff for a clean and healthy scalp. HAHAHA. Being a queen is serious bizness.

Chloe Krikac said...

I am laughing out loud right now... alone! :) You have always been and will always be a queen in my book!! SUPERSTAR for life Thia!

P.S. Love the new wallpaper! :)