Monday, June 9, 2008

Thia Mary

I had the best visit with my aunt Mary yesterday. Gosh that lady is so darn fun. She decided to drive up from the desert with her friend Shanna for a little visit. She is a very spunky, young "80" She is always laughing and telling the most hysterical stories of the people she meets. Last week she overheard some lady at the Drs office who needed a ride to therapy. So Mary offered to take her....turns out she dropped her off at Wal Mart?? Yes she said that is her therapy to go there once a week and shop. Mary was laughing so hard I thought we would both pee our pants. Then there is Howard her neighbor who brings her paper up every single morning at 5am. And he has for years! And he is 86 . She took him to Sizzler for his birthday dinner. She asked him Howard where's your hat?? Ohhh he said I am just taking a few things for tomorrow. He had filled it with chicken nuggets and cookies! Her life is filled with people who should be on sitcoms. She is by far the most generous, giving person I have ever met. And she was my moms guardian angel. We are so blessed to have her in our lives. Cant wait to hear more about your travels Thia!
I love you and thank you for always being a ray of sunshine !
(thats her on the right with some of her favorite people. Her brother Uncle Pete and sister Aunt Teresa)

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