Monday, June 2, 2008


Today when I got home there was a card from my Dearest friend Sandy...
And it said " I hope you are my friend forever because thats how long I am going to need you" When I called her to thank her for the card the memories flooded and I of course started to cry. It is the best gift on earth to have a BEST friend. She literally knows EVERYTHING about me and she loves me! I love so many things about this crazy Portuguese friend of mine. Like when I answer the phone she just starts talking...No hello first just "Did you see Oprah today? I love that every single time I talk to her she tells me how many loads of laundry she has. (average of 25) She will call to ask what I am making for dinner, or to tell me about some lady at her store who banged on the bathroom door because Sandy was using too many seat covers. She washes her hands more than anyone I know,her dark clothes are called "hang ups" and she hates bad customer service ! We know the balances of each other credit cards, our deepest fears, and have shared some deep heart aches. We are both very crazy and passionate about our families and this life! How lucky I am to have her. Steve is thankful too because without her I would drive him nuts! We talk for hours on the phone and I have to call her back because I forgot something. Sandy I hope I have you forever too,because life without you would be unbearable!!!

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