Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!!

I feel so incredibly blessed to have had my Daddy. He was such a great, kind hearted, generous man. He loved his four kids more than anything in the world. And we truly were the center of his universe. Everything he ever did had us in mind. He and my mom divorced when we were little but none of our friends ever even knew that because he was always at our house. He would come over every single night, stay for dinner and as we grew older he bought a motor home so we could go camping with him every weekend. He wasn't willing to be a part time Dad. I have so many great memories of him that I cherish. He was a proud grandpa and Father in law and loved our spouses like he did us. I will never forget at his funeral the hundreds of people who came , and many came to tell us stories of how my Dad had touched their lives. He was LOVED by everyone! They say that girls marry someone like their Dad. And how true it is in my case. My sweet husband is the best Dad. He loves his boys more than anything!! He is so selfless and they always come first.The perfect day for Steve is one where he can be with Travis and Chad. His smile lights up when they are around and he loves nothing more than wrestling and hanging out with them.He loves when they call to chat, or send him a email.When he tells me that he heard from them he is almost giddy. Nothing compares to the love he has for them. And I love and respect him so much for that. So today we honor the Dads who lovingly shaped our lives. I had a GREAT Dad and I married a GREAT Dad!!! Lucky me ......
We had the BEST Day honoring Dad with a Beach BBQ What fun!!!

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