Thursday, June 26, 2008

As a Mom of Boys

This picture just made me smile. It reminded me so much of when my boys were small. The things that they would do and say always made me smile. I remember one time telling Travis to look at the full moon in the sky. And he said" Is it full because he ate all his dinner" I am so grateful for Gods gift of memory. It is funny how little things in life will trigger something and you can just go back to those days. One time the boys hosed down the carpet in the den like it was grass. Just standing there watering like it was no big deal. And the time they locked us out so they could eat Oreos all the while smiling at us from inside. Little girls are precious but there is just something so fun and mischievous about little boys. And I cant wait until they have their own and I can smile while they wipe chocolate hands on their crisp white shirts. Memories are precious and Life is so darn sweet........

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Ashlyn Donatelli said...

and for the same reason I want the same sweet boy tender :)