Sunday, June 8, 2008

Proud Mom

If there is one thing that I think I am most proud of , It is that my boys are sweet! They just have the most tender sweet hearts. I received the most precious card in the mail from Chad yesterday. Just the thought of him going to buy one made me smile. He wrote " I think about you guys everyday. I am so blessed to have such supportive loving parents like the two of you. I wouldn't have the awesome life I have if it weren't for all the sacrifices you both have made. I love you both to pluto and back and to the new bombays (that is what he would say when he was little) Hopefully I will see you soon until then all my love Chad" Now tell me what could ever mean more? Chad you are remarkable and you are Travis are going to be the sweetest husbands. Just like your Dad. I love you to Pluto and back too!!! You don't need to thank us for anything. The way you live your life and the kind of man you are is thanks enough

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