Friday, June 6, 2008

God uses EVERYTHING to teach us....

After four weeks of the worst pain ever, feeling like I must be nuts cause they couldn't find anything wrong. I finally got an answer today. They didn't see the HUGE kidney stone because it is on my spine in my left kidney.The pain and discouragement I have been feeling has been a first for me. I was so frustrated!! But I do know that God uses everything in our life to teach us something. After losing a parent I am so much more sympathetic of people who go through that. And I know after going through so much pain I will always have more compassion for people who are in pain. It begins to make you crazy!! So Wednesday they will be doing my surgery and after a week with a horrid stent I should be back to normal. But I know whats ahead and its a bummer. I have had the stent before and it is awful...But I am choosing joy! It could be so much worse. So Lord please dont let it be in vain. Teach me what you would have me learn through this.
And a big Thank you to Dr Connor (aka Dr McDreamy) for being my hero

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MissKrikac said...

Your beautiful story brought tears to my eyes. Choosing joy is one of the most difficult things, and I admire you more than you could ever know. I couldn't even imagine the pain that you have endured, but I know for a fact that it is most definitely not in vain. I can't wait to see how the Lord continues to work through all of this. You have inspired me already (and countless others) with your faith and strength. I respect you. I look up to you. I honor you and I love you.